Chapter XXXIV

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It was just a matter of time before the vampires forced the door open. Pandora had created a thousand runes, all of them beating in the air, all of them prepared to attack, to trap, to incinerate, and Wiese had done the same thing but to seal the door as long as possible, runes that seemed to be chains surrounding the entrance.

They were all terrified, I could see it, I could sense it. I was right beside my body, and tried to the logical thing, but as soon as I touched it, my hand felt frozen and felt as if I had screamed at the top of my lungs, but of course no sound came out of my mouth. Again and again, the result was the same.

"Pandora," said Gail all of a sudden. We all looked at the girl. "Look in the book, is there anything about powers of a ghost?" There was no emotion, no feeling, except for the fear that covered us all. However, there was something wrong with Gail, something had totally changed her while she was captured.

My friend said nothing, but with a single movement of her hand, the book that always floated around her started to search for itself, until its pages stopped. I saw that Pandora was holding her breath as she read as fast as she could, still drawing more runes similar to Wiese's.

"Here it is. A ghost needs a lot of energy to provoke changes in a realm different to them, however, with the right amount and practice, they can be even more powerful than when alive."

"Anything about how they can get that energy?" Wiese asked, drawing a new rune. The vampires were still trying to break the door, and for the sound of it, they will soon thorn it into pieces.

"A living creature they can feed from, as far as it is says here. Alynne," Pandora said to me, "just focus on one of them to drain their energy, and when you feel it is enough, think in what you want to do."

"Okay". This time, it didn't surprised me that much when I couldn't say a word, but my group seemed to understand me.

"Do vampires from the Realm of Death count as living at all?" Wiese's voice cracked with the door did.

"They better do." Said Pandora, with the book right in front of her. We all took distance from the entrance as we could already see fangs, claws and red eyes through the door's many holes. The next second, they came in.

Pandora activated the runes, so did Wiese, and a tide of fire covered them all, singeing their bodies. Shrieks of agony filled the room, heat increased in no time, but I only had space in my mind for the one thing I had to do.

My eyes went from one to another, mechanically, as if I had nothing else to think about, as if the amount of dead bodies meant not a single thing to me, searching for a vampire I could drain, despite I didn't know how I was supposed to do it.

When I saw him, a big, pale and strong leech, I focused my gaze on him. Drain him, drain him, drain him. He stood still right there, in front of us, while the others became ashes around us. Black holes appeared under his eyes, his skin started to rot, his eyes lost color, and in just seconds he collapsed on the ground.

Despite the dizziness in my head, I felt stronger, better, lighter. The body started to convulse in the found, becoming ashes as fast as life had abandoned the vampire. Gail was right behind me, shaking, but not loosing my body out of sight, still in the bed. She gave me her hand before speaking.

"Just l-like that. Keep doing it. Keep doing it."

She didn't have to tell me twice, as a woman with long, black hair, was running to Wiese. They trembled, not able to draw another rune, but I focused on her, freezing the her in just seconds and, just like before, it didn't take me long to kill her. Wiese looked at me relieved, I smiled back at them and they started to draw more runes, but there was no time for that anymore.

Pandora's runes were almost done, and there were still many vampires coming inside. We found ourselves walking in retreat, nearer to my body, while the undead won more and more space as we did it. My witch was drawing like never before, freezing, sending bolts, paralyzing, making them explode, but it wasn't enough, and she will be tired sooner or later. Something told me it wouldn't be before they were all dead.

I killed a third one, easier than the others, and focused all my mind in creating a shield between us, me and my friend, and the blood suckers. Be safe, be safe, be safe, be safe. And it was done. A crystal appeared right in front of Pandora, who suddenly stopped her shaking fingers and froze the half-done runes.

"They are just too many, we have to go," said Wiese between gasps of air.

"There has to be something we can do." Pandora looked at the vampires, maybe wondering how longer they would be contained just like I was doing.

"We can move to another part of the castle and leave this room," Gail commented, taking my hand, my body's, trying to calm herself.

"Yes, yes." That was perfect, and we would be able to...

"...Come back when they least expect it."

"What, Wiese?" Asked Pandora.

"Alynne is right," they said, "we move to another room, and we come back better prepared."

Crack. Crack. Crack.

"Hell". I looked again at a vampire, and after killing him, focused on the shield. My head started to hurt for the sudden change, but it was all I could do. When one of the cracks disappeared, I did it all again.

Crack. Crack.

"She tries to buy time," explained Wiese, "any transportation spell in the book, Pandora?"

"I know one that need no book. Alynne, keep doing that, just a little more." However, while they talked, I had killed a giant guy, and now I was draining a young girl full of energy.

My head was spinning and I almost lost balance. I couldn't even understand the words Pandora was saying, but a white circle was starting to form around us, creating a new barrier just when mine was being covered by cracks.

"We will be far away from here!" Before Pandora clapped her hands in the air, Wiese took my body. A hurricane took us, tried to rip our bodies, and left us in a dark, dirty room.

"May the Grimm Reaper be blessed, you arrived at last!" Said a voice before my mind could process what had just happened.

When I looked up, realizing we were in a crypt, I saw a skull, embedded in the front wall, that looked at us with its empty sockets.

When I looked up, realizing we were in a crypt, I saw a skull, embedded in the front wall, that looked at us with its empty sockets

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