chapter 13

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Queen body paused making her fall off the tree. " Queen!!" Olce screamed as Queen suddenly got her footing back . "  WHO FUCKING JUST JOINED INTO THIS STORY!!!!" Queen screamed angrily .

" Someone joined . " Olce said as Itachi stopped and looked around.  " They arent around here they are far away . " itachi spoke calmly.

" its him..." Queen glared as her skin turned galaxy blure . The outline of her body was like a blur . " Olce continue I got business to ki-finish . " Queen corrected herself making everyone look at her . a cloud of stars formed together making Queen hop on top of it .

Unknown p.o.v

How did I get to this human world . I just magically appeared . I looked around noticing my surroundings . Deer looking at me their aurora off by a lot . I swung my arms once as my maids and butlers appeared slashing all of them quickly.  ( A/n OHHH NOOO THOSE WERE SHIKAMARU ANIMALSSSS!!!!)

They were looking at me like I was a creep so they had to go . I rubbed my eye as I felt slightly dizzy . Im not use to this world . I hovered and made my cloud speed past everything but i suddenly came to a stop . I feel a hyuga so close to me . ( a/n da fuq spider senses who are you Tom Holland a.k.a one of my baby daddies )

my cloud crept over a body hat was balled up . They were sniffling softly . I hover right in front of the person making them look up quickly . Their eyes was A brown gray . So ugly yet beautiful I touched their chin softly . It was a girl . She is a hyuga..... But not all the way . She grabbed my arm tightly and ripped my arm off .

Such a brat . She's strong but not strong enough . I made a ball and hit her in the had with it . She's mines know . I see a tall mountain that look of use but since she may be from here they would easily catch me so I went were they wouldnt go .

To the Moon

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