Chapter 28: Transformation

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

"Did you find anything?" I asked hesitantly the next morning as Lance stood in front of a large rack of suits in varying colors.

"We found the woman who'd held me up, but no sign of your father." Lance told me. "We're trying our best to find something, but it seems like the work of a professional. No DNA traces, no fingerprints, nothing. If it weren't for the footprints on the floor, we'd have thought there wasn't anyone there at all."

"I see..."

Honestly, I was confused as fuck. Why was my father surfacing after ten whole years? If he was alive, why didn't he come back? Is he associating with the mafia or something?

"Come to think about it, the only people I've seen to be that clean about something are hunters." Lance muttered to himself, almost like an afterthought.

"Hunters?" I asked. Who were they?

"Yeah...they're the ones who take down rouges, the ones who don't follow the rules of our society." Lace told me as he came to sit on his bed next to me. "They're the law bringers, the Incubi version of police, if you may."

"But my father wasn't an Incubus...not that I know of." I mused.

"They don't have to be Incubus, just have some Incubus blood running through their veins." Lance explained. "Sometimes, Incubi and humans can have children and those children and become special. They can see the life energies of people just as we can but they don't need to feed the same way we do. They become Hunters, bringers of justice. They make sure no Incubus crosses their line and kills any human during feeding."

I took a minute to absorb that. There was so much that I needed to know and Lance keeping information from me wasn't helping. However, one information got stuck in my mind. "So Incubi and humans can have babies?"

The information made me both hopeful and nervous. What if Lance had had children in the past? Does he keep contact with them? Does he even know he has children?

"Sana, don't go there." Lance's voice was harsh. "Damnit! I shouldn't have said anything."

"Why?" I snapped. "You keeping things from me can be dangerous for both of us. And why didn't you tell me that you could've probably have children before?"

"The less you know the less trouble you'll get into," Lance fired back. "And I do not have any children. Incubi are only fertile for a very short period every year and I've never fed on anyone during that time; so I'd have known if I had a child. Besides, immortals can only have kids after their two hundredth year."


"And also," his voice wasn't as harsh but just as firm. "Women who have Incubi children don't survive childbirth. The baby sucks all the life out of the mother just before its birth."

I froze; his words kept reverberating in my mind. Were the mothers even aware that the child inside could kill them? But the answer was just as simple. If Lance and I were to have children, then I'd rather die than let any harm come to our child. At least that way, he'll have a piece of me with him.

"Are the children immortal?" I asked.

"Yes, but only the direct descendants. The ones who come after by mating with other mortals, they're mortals with a little extended lifespan." Lance explained. "Now, go get ready. I've called a make-up artist and hair stylist for you. And they just stepped out of the elevator."

"How did you know that?" I asked suspiciously, just as the bell rang to our suit.

Lance smiled one of his rare smiles before tapping at his ear with one hand.

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