New family

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"Guys this is Hannah, mom this is your daughter." nash said. oh wow! way to sugar coat it nash! Elizabeth face dropped. "Oh my gosh" she said. she got up and said "Hayes take Skylynn up stairs." Hayes took her upstairs and I heard the door shut. I wasn't smiling, why would I? "mom how did this happen." nash asked. "sit down." she said. Nash and I sat down and she sat across from us. she took a deep breath and said " When I was taking the test to see if you were a boy or a girl they said it was a girl. trust me I was happy but I wanted a boy. I don't know what go into me but I gave you up." She paused as a tear ran down her cheek. "I'm so sorry" nash got up and went by her side hugging her. He looked up and smiled at me I smiled back. I opened my mouth to say something but the front door opened. A guy walked in. who was he? "Hey honey- what's wrong?"he said walking. Over to my mom. did I just say mom? I guess I did.

"Baby this is Hannah, also known as my daughter." she said and smiled. He looked shocked. "hi dad" I said.

He rose a eyebrow. "dad?" he asked.
"Haha Hannah this isn't your dad it's your stepdad. your father is chad." nash said. "oh. I know him. I met him before. wow this is a lot to take in. new mom, dad, brother and family. just wow" I said looking down. I slouched back on the couch. "Hey don't worry it will get easyer" nash said getting up and sitting next to me. He put his arm around me I leaned into his chest.
"Aww my too baby's" my mom said. I laughed.

"Um.. nash?" I said as my mom and stepdad went into the kitchen to make dinner. "yea?" he asked "weres the bathroom?" I asked looking up at him.

"Here I'll show you." He said getting up. I got up and we walked upstairs. we went by Hayes room. I know that because I saw him playing video games with two of his friends. "Ooo, nash who's this beautiful ladie?" Hayes friend said getting up and walking to the door frame. "she's my- " I cut nash off. "I'm Hannah, also known as not your age and unavailable. Especially for a 13 year old." I said smiling. "ohhh!!!" Hayes and his other friend said. I laughed and walked past nash. He started walking and caught up to me. "nice one!" he said. he gave me a high five. "Here it is" he said. "thank you kind sir." I said walking in. "your welcome my lady." he said.

I closed the door. I really didn't have to pee. I got out my phone. I had a text from cameron.

Cameron😋- I miss you sis. I'm all alone In the house and have no one to talk to. please come back and be my sister from my mom. I miss you 😔

I missed him to but I'm 17 so I can decided where I live.

Me- I miss you to. and maybe I can visit. I wish I could be your sister and only yours but I'm not I'm so sorry. I miss you to. love you!😔😘

Cameron😋- ok and love you to!😘

I had another text from shawn.

Baby 💖💖- how's your new house?

Me- good I guess. I miss you! 😔

Baby💖💖- I miss you to! but I will see you in Three days for magcon. I gotta go I will see you in three days! can't wait! 😘😘 love you!

Me- ok and love you too! 😘💖

Ugh. three days. three days of new family. wait will my new mom let me go? I hope so! I flushed there toilet so it sounded like I used it and walked out. I walked past a room but stopped. it was nashes room. I walked in and WOW! there were posters and pictures of him all over his wall. He really cares about his fans. Cameron had stuff on his walls to. These boys care so much about his fans and they don't even know it.

"Hey" a voice said behind me. I turned around and nash was there. "oh I didn't me-"

"Hey it's ok. you just wanted to look around I get." he said.

"You really care about your fans don't you." I said still looking around the room. I walked up to some and just starred in awe.

"Well yea. there the ones that got me were I am. and if it wasn't for them I would have never meet cameron and found out your my sister." he said. I turned around and smiled. "I'm hungry" I said. "well let's go! dinners done!" he said running down the stairs. we sat and ate. I learned alt about my little sister, hayes, nash, mom, dad, stepdad, and Hayes friends. we got done and nash took me down stairs.

"What are we doing?" I said. next Hayes and his friends came down. "uh.. hello?" I said again

"It's game night." Hayes said. I smiled and nodded and sat bye nash. all night we played games and we even went on the trampoline. I love my new family but I miss my old one.

Will I ever get used to this?

(( ok guys! loved it or nah? 😂 I had guitar lessons today and it was hard. did you know that Shawn inspired me to start playing guitar and make my singing career into a more Serious career.





Question of the day- who's your favorite magcon/ 26 guy?

Love ya!

- Hannah - 💖

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