Chapter 17: A Sudden Turn of Events

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

We reached Reefwood an hour later than the intended time. Lance and I had stopped talking completely and I felt like hitting myself on the head for bringing this upon myself.

Why couldn't I have just lied and made up some story? I could've easily told him I'm a bit of a feminist, which is why I didn't like the way he was treating other women? Oh noooo, I just had to go ahead and tell him how I really felt!

"You worry too much about everything. Stop thinking and focus on the task at hand." Lancelin's cool, controlled voice rubbed me in the wrong direction.

"Oh, yeah? What's that?" it came out harsher than I'd expected and I'd also forgotten the fact that he was my boss.

But Lancelin didn't scold me for that. He simply ignored my reaction and spoke like I hadn't said a thing. "Never let your guard down in front of Trevina. She's an Incubus too."

Even as the news shocked me, I felt realization set in about the things I'd overheard. Bout Lance and her having a six year long affair, about how impossibly beautiful she was and also...

"Does she have a connection with Ace too?" I asked Lancelin who looked taken aback by my question.

He stayed quiet for some time as we sat in the underground parking space of the hotel, then he nodded. "How did you figure that out?"

"You wanted me to get Trevina to work for us before BlueStar got to them and you haven't yet informed Ace about your month long departure." I told him, connecting the dots.

"And I'd like to keep it that way." He gave me a stern look. "I don't want Ace involved with her ever again. That's all you need to know."

I nodded, crushing my curiosity. Something big must have happened if Lance didn't want to involve Ace at all. Lance might be the younger brother, but at this moment, I had a feeling that he was protecting Ace from something that might cause him serious distress. So I promised not to tell Ace, help Lance protect his brother.


"You said you were the crown Prince...but as your elder brother, doesn't that title go to Acelin?" I asked.

Lance shook his head. "It would've if Ace was my full-blooded brother. We both have the same mother but our fathers are different."

"Oh?" I tilted my head to the side, studying Lance. Apart from the hair and eyes, Lance and Ace looked very much alike, even though they might not agree to that. "How old is Ace?" I asked, knowing full well that the answer will be in hundreds.

"Two hundred and fifty nine." Lance's lips curved up at the corners at my reaction. "And in case you were wondering, he's fifty five years older than me."

"Wow..." I blinked my eyes and shook my head. "I can't ever imagine a sibling being that old..."

"Immortals have a lower pregnancy rate," Lance said opening his door and then coming over to open mine. "Leave your stuff here, one of the workers will pick it up and have it delivered to our room."

"Wait...our room?" I felt my jaw hit the pavement.

"Yes," Lance frowned down at me. "We have separate bedrooms, so you don't have to worry about it. All we have is a shared living space. I arranged it that way so that every time I need to inform you of something, I don't have to call or walk all the way to your room."

It was a good point, think that Lance will be in such a close proximity...right before my eyes, it'll be hard to know that even though we were so close, there were miles of space between us. And then there's his-

"You're not going to bring women into our suite, would you?" I asked, despite knowing that if not in his room, he'll still be feeding somewhere...from someone.

Lance gave me a long, narrow-eyed look before nodding his head, and then he was striding forward towards the elevators, getting ready to begin work.

Lancelin's P.O.V:

Sanaya was a bundle of nerves next to me as we rode up the elevator. She couldn't stop fidgeting and her stiffness was making me want to growl. I wouldn't have cared about it before, but now that I had her taste on my lips, her essence in my blood, it made ignoring her even more difficult than it had been before.

"What it is with you and elevators?" I growled, giving into the temptation.

She jumped, startled, and lifted her head to look into my eyes. "It's not me, it's you!" she accused with a glare. "There's this thing about you that just makes me feel overwhelmed whenever I'm in a closed space with you."

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Language Miss Johnson, as far as I remember, I'm still your boss."

I saw her eyes widen for an instant, until she saw the smile tugging on my lips. Then she just huffed and turned to face the closed elevator doors, cheeks puffed up like a sulking child.

Before I could say anything else, the elevator doors dinged oven and we stepped out, coming face to face with a smiling blonde woman with cunning blue eyes that looked from me to Sana with open curiosity. Beside her stood a man of around Sana's age, tall, athletic with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes...and he was eyeing Sana with a huge smile on his face.

I looked over at Sana and found that she too, was giving the man a big smile, delight clearly written all over her face. My hands clenched inside the pocket of my pants. Who was he and how did they know each other?

"Lancelin..." a sickly sweet voice dragged out. "I'm assuming you haven't met my secretary, my Scribt, Keith Simons."

Sana's head whipped to Melinda as soon as she said the word Scribt. Melinda's smile grew even bigger as she looked at Sana and then to me, but she didn't say any more, for which I was thankful for.

"Let's go." I told everyone and began leading the way to our suites, until Melinda's Scribt spoke up and I halted in my tracks.

"Actually, why don't you guys head out first? I'll escort Sana back to her room. We have some catching up to do."

I looked at Sana to see if she'd protest, but instead, she went to stand by his side and nodded in agreement. I felt myself grit my teeth in irritation, but I kept quite.

"Suit yourself." I told them as I turned around and started walking towards the direction of the suits, but even I could hear the roughness to my voice.

I felt Melinda follow beside me and felt her slip her hand around mine. This time I didn't care what she was doing, because my mind was on Sana and how that boy, Keith, had put his hand on her back just before I'd turned away from them.

Who the fuck was he?


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