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"Like a painting, all I can do is to stare
I can't go near
I can't touch
or else I'll ruin everything." ー c.j

Park Jimin

Two heavy breaths were breathing and sweats dripping from what happened earlier.
A dark haired guy laying at the grassy ground as he panted heavily and the other guy who was standing in front of him is still fuming in anger from that exchanged blows.

It was near dusk, with the sky growing dark in the distance. Apparently they were the last one who stayed at the soccer field after school.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Jeon?"
He hissed in anger as he tightly balled his fist trying to make himself calm.

"What the fuck is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you!! You suddenly punched me at the face man!"
The dark haired guy bitterly scoffed at his bestfriend.

"It's because of your stupid behavior, Kook! You know very well, why I punched you. Stop making a blind eye to this."
The latter grabbed his collar in full force. Jaws clenching as they both look at each other with their mad eyes.

"Or better yet? Stop fucking with her damn feelings, Jeon!!!"
The light haired guy pushed him hard as he look at his best friend in disgust and full rage.

But Jungkook mockingly laughed at him.

"Jiminie, Can you clarify some things to me? Are you really mad because of what I did? Or are you mad because she chose me over you?"
Jungkook smirked at his best friend while shaking his head in amusement.

"Fuck you, Kook."
Jimin's tired eyes look at his bestfriend who was smiling smugly at him.

"Do you think I won't find out? I can see how you looked at her, Jimin. How your mood abruptly changes when you see her, how you react by just hearing her name but unluckily she won't feel the same way for you."
He still keep mocking his bestfriend as he spouted those words like a dagger, painfully stabbing Jimin's vulnerable heart.

After all, Jungkook was right.
She won't reciprocate what feelings he have for her and Jimin knows that.

He already knew,

"I loved her first."
Jimin said those words almost a whisper but Jungkook clearly heard it.

He smirked by hearing it from his bestfriend.
Those words that can ruin their most treasured friendship.

"But she chose me."
The bitter truth hurts him as he can't do anything about it. Jimin can only smile sadly.

This is the dilemma of liking the same girl with your bestfriend. One of you will end up broken and shattered.

"She is still my girlfriend even after what I did."

"But she doesn't deserved to be cheated, Jeon."
Jimin sighed as he exasperatedly gave up to his hard headed friend.

He turned his heels as he was about to walk away when he said the words that he's been trying to hide for the past two weeks when he found out about his bestfriend Jungkook who was apparently cheating behind his girlfriend's back.

"She fucking deserves better than this."

It was like adding a fuel to the fire as Jimin's words angered him.

"You fucking know what, Kook? It was really okay to me back then when you and her started dating because I knew she was in good hands. I'd even gladly accept defeat for the both of you, but things gets out of hand lately and clearly, Kook? I was all wrong about it. I should've not gave up, I should've fight for her."

Jimin walked away after letting all those words come out from his mouth.
Jungkook just stared at Jimin's fading back as his last words played inside of his mind like a broken tape.

Truly, Jimin loved her first but Jungkook also love her. The fact that he befriended her for Jimin, counterpart with Jungkook for he started falling in love with her instead.

At first Jungkook thinks she's just an average girl cause she's way too far from his ideal type, but when he started to hang out with her?
He found out that she's more than with her appearance for she is witty, funny, kind, and also very beautiful inside and out.

When he realized that he was falling in love with her? Jungkook immediately avoided her.
But fate was really playing games with him as she confessed her feelings towards him.

She loves him. She loves Jungkook since freshman year and up unto now that they're already junior.

How can he avoid that? The girl who he loves also have the same feelings for him. Selfishly talking? That was wonderful and heart hammering.

But of course, Jimin's more important than her as he was ready to dumped her that time.

Yet Jimin stops him as he said it was fine.
Being the kind one he undoubtedly gave up his feelings for Jungkook.

For their friendship.

But why does this happened now? They're falling apart.

They've been through so many things however they still have each other's back, but how about this time? Can they still save their falling friendship... He doesn't know.

He doesn't want to know.

For it fucking scares him.

He screamed in anger and disappointment as he wrenched his now disheveled hair.

How come that this happened?

He valued this friendship so much that it pains him.

He heard a small voice coming from his back as he turned his head to the side.

Fighting his tears just as he bravely look at the person who called him.

His breath hitched when their eyes locked at each other. He can see how her innocent eyes became worried.

"Are you okay? Jimin just called me and said that you needed me right now."
The sincerity in her voice made his defenses soft as the stored tears started to flow and the sobs wracked his body, robbing it of the ability to speak.

The girl quickly went to him to comfort his crying boyfriend. "It's okay, Kookie. I'm here."
She said it so sweet and Jungkook can only hugged her tight.

She hummed comforting words to him.
As he started to think of how lucky he is to have her. He's being selfish again, however? Jimin's words played again in his mind.

He doesn't deserve a girl like her. He doesn't deserve her. She deserved better.

"I'm sorry, Lisa."


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