Part 61 - Loved and lost

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The governor hacked away at Hershel's neck, I couldn't believe what I was saying. Everything was as though it was in slow motion, or suspended animation. "Daddy! No!" Beth and Maggie screamed in unison, making me turn around, they had already began to open fire on the Governors group. Tears began to stream down my face, making my vision blurry, I wiped my eyes as I saw the Governor lift up his handgun towards Rick. I looked at Rick, then to the Governor and then back to Rick. I ran to Rick and grabbed him, knocking him over, I to the long, dry grass in the field, causing the Governor to miss Rick. I was on top of Rick now, he placed my face between his hands "Thank you" he said loudly over all of the gunfire, that's when we heard it. The roaring thunder of machinery made the ground shake. The smell of gas and smoke filled the air. Rick and I looked up and saw the gigantic tank move closer to us.

We scrambled up and began to run back to warn the others. "Go back and warn the others! get them on the bus and get out of here I'll find you!" Rick shouted over the explosions and roaring gunfire. "No you can't! I'm staying with y-" I stopped, the loud crash of the first fence surrounding the prison went down, and then the next. The tank was inside. "Go!" Rick shouted, I just nodded and began to. run off. Before I know it my legs had taken over my brain and I ran back to Rick, my lips pressed against his, the kiss was quick but sweet. I placed my forehead onto his, "Be careful" I pleaded as I ran off towards the courtyard to get the others onto the bus.

I ran towards the bus, but lost my footing and tumbled to the floor, all of a sudden the was another large explosion. I looked up to see the bus that was going to be our for our escape was now completely disintegrated. Panic ran through me, was there anyone in there? "Hello!" I shouted, trudging towards the smoking bus. I grabbed the door, I singed my fingers and quickly draw them away from the white hot metal. I needed to get inside and make sure no one was on there. I took a few deep breaths and grabbed for the door. "Arghh!" I cried as I swung it open. I ran up the stairs not caring about the increasing heat upon my feet from the explosion. I glanced around but saw no one, this caused me to let out a long sigh of relief.

After hearing several more explosions I know it was time to get out, I jumped off the scorching bus and ran to look for the others to round up and get them out. I ran back through the field, calling out the groups names. "Rick!, Carl! Daryl!, Glenn!, Magg-" A hand grabbed my shoulder and a foot kicked me from behind, tripping me up for the second time today. A large pair of hands found their way around my neck and began to squeeze. The sun blinded my eyes which prevented me from seeing who it was. I grabbed at the hands and began to push up at the persons throat. but they were too strong.

All of a sudden the individual was dragged off of me. Clutching my throat, I began to get my breath back though I was coughing in the process. I shielded my eyes from the sun to see Rick and the Governor fighting, and fighting hard. Rick threw punch after punch into the Governor's face, blood began to fly in every direction. I stumbled up from the ground, I began to wander towards them, looking around as I did It had been minutes since I had heard any more explosions. I glanced over to see the tank though it wasn't moving. I looked at the end which had been obliterated, completely severed from the rest of the tank. Well at least it couldn't do any further damage.

I glanced back to Rick and the Governor, they were still fighting. I'm going to stop this once and for all. I grabbed my handgun and ran towards them. One of the Governor's 'minions' ran up to Rick who was on top of the Governor and point a gun to his head. "No!" I shouted, whipping my gun up and making a clear headshot, sending him falling to the ground. By this time, the tables had turned and the Governor was on top of Rick, delivering him some hard punches. I ran up to the Governor and kicked him off of Rick and put my knife to his throat. I was going to put my knife through his head bit I wanted him to die painfully as Tom did.

I plunged my hunting knife through his chest, his eye widened as I did so. I repeated my actions another three times before getting up and running off with Rick to find Carl and the others. "Carl!... Carl!" Rick and I both cried out in unison. Rick stumbled and fell to the ground. I hadn't had a proper look at Rick before, he had been beaten to a pulp so badly that I had hardly recognised him. I put his a around me and picked him up. "Dad!" a voice shouted out. We both turned to see Carl sprinting towards up. "Carl!" Rick cried out, he struggled to stand alone and walk towards his son.

"We have to find Judith! I can't find her!" Carl cried, helping me carry Rick around and help to find his sister. We walked through the courtyard searching for any sign of life, that's when I saw the car seat. "Rick! The car seat!" We all ran as fast as we could. When we arrived, shock went through each and every one of us. The car seat was empty and it was covered in blood... Oh god.

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