chapter 9:horrors of the night

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Chapter 9: Horrors of the night.

Naru sighed as she sat in her bed staring out at nothing, she sighed again and slumped back, she toyed with the necklace around her neck.

It had been a week since she had a panic attack and she stayed unconscious for two days before waking up terrified, she stopped talking again, only to Flash.

He appeared in her room, it was past 11:00pm, almost midnight, she looked at him and he walked up, he sat on the bed and took her hand, she smiled and held it.

“You're still not talking?”he asked.

“I'm just scared...”she whispered.

“Will you tell me what happened? You know I wont tell anyone.”he said and chuckled.

“I just felt a lot of pain and...... I.... I heard.....”she said and sighed looking down.

“Heard what Naru?”

“Him..”she said and looked away. “He was talking to me..... I couldn't hear anything else, I just went into shock, it terrified me...”she said and sighed, her lip quivered, he wiped away a tear that fell, he leaned in and brushed her bangs back, she sniffled and looked at him, he pulled her in and she hugged him tight, she sniffled and cried more, Karin woke up and looked at them and smiled, she turned over and left them alone. “I'm scared..... I don't want to go back!”she cried and began to hiccup, he hushed her gently and rubbed her short hair, she sniffled and leaned in and breathed in his scent, it was almost like a mountain air smell with something else she couldn't place.

She pulled away catching her breath, she wiped the tears away and looked down, he cupped her face, she looked at him.

“Naru, you listen to me..... even if it would be the last thing I would do, I would never let you go back to him.....”he said. “I promise.”he said, she gulped and nodded. “I want you to get some sleep... okay?”he said and rubbed under her eyes at the bags. “You haven't been.”

“I can't...... the memories...”

“Do you want me to put you in a genjutsu? It'll break as soon as someone tries to wake you up...”he said, she nodded. “Lay back.”he said, she snuggled down, he did the signs slowly so she could see and touched her head, she moaned and closed her eyes a little.

“Goodnight..”she mumbled and passed out, he smiled and tucked her in gently and moved his mask and kissed her head gently.

“Good night Naru.”he said and disappeared and for once since the panic attack, Naru slept through the night.


Naru sighed as she held a small bag that had her gifts from Shikamaru, Kiba;who finally heard the news and came to see her, Hinata, and Flash. Karin came up with her things and nodded, today both girls were being discharged from the hospital and were going to live in Jiriaya's house where Tsunade stayed, it was a large house and they each had their own room.

“Ready?”Tsunade said and smiled, both nodded and they followed her out, a few nurses waved at them as they walked out.

Tsunade led them towards the hokage mountain almost, there was large house near it with a good size yard around it and a fence, they walked in and she unlocked the door.

“Alright girls, welcome home.” she said and smiled, they walked in and pulled their shoes off. “I'm going to need to go shopping for you both, so I'll get your sizes and I'll do some shopping.”she said. “But first your rooms.” she said and walked down the hall, she opened one door and smiled. “This is Karin's room.” she said, the girl walked in, it was a spacious room but not big, it had a medium size bed, a desk and chair, a dresser and even a TV, she put her stuff down and sat on the bed and sighed. “Come on Naru.”Tsunade said, they walked down the hall a little and to another. “This one is yours.”she said and opened the door, Naru looked at the room it was about the same size as Karin's, it had a big window on the side where she could see the clouds and skies, she sat on the bed and sighed at the softness.

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