[SS] Searching for Someone

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It’s not a good idea to go in a place where you cannot find happiness. But the good thing is the opportunity waiting for me. So I decided to go with my brother.

It’s not easy to adapt to a new environment for my memories was left with my old friends and I really missed them. I thought I was cursed to be a loner for breaking my promise since I was transferred: I had nothing to do but to keep in silent and be independent. But then I found new friends, first they were three then we became five. They really made me happy and comforted me when I’m lonely. They always joined me in many cool activities and they taught me new things. But I still I am not contented coz I did not felt the real happiness that I’m looking for I thirst for care, I need someone who will care and protect me like his or her own sister.

Then suddenly I thought of other groups in school, then I recognized your group, especially you coz you’re so nice to everybody. I thought your group is the most wonderful of all coz everybody in your group was so happy, but everything changed when a problem struck your group.

Two years passed and in those two years. I’ve hated you too much because of the other side of you. You took ad\vantage of people who liked you. I also thought that you’re only making fun of me. Then came one day, I found myself talking to you about a movie. And because of that movie our worlds were connected. Then we found that were almost alike in everything. I was wrong about you, coz I thought you were bad but truth is you were such a good friend. After that incident we became close friends and I was very happy coz I found someone who could support me in everything and who could give courage and confidence to face people and my problems.

You also gave me reasons to be happy and you thought me how to be good student. Every minute of my day became so memorable because of you. You gave me inspiration in all my work. Then I thought you’re the one I’m looking for since I transferred coz you never failed me and you acted as a brother to me. But as we knew each other more, I found the real you. You are the person who needs care and understanding like me. And that gave an idea that I was wrong about you and that you cannot be my big brother but a little brother to take care of. But even though you’re not the one I was looking for, you’re still the one who gave me happiness. And with you I have learned many things in life. You taught me how to love and hate, to smile even when tears fall and to let go. And lastly I have learned that I must not search for care for its better to take care of someone who needs it…



this is my second story made a along time ago, was published in a school paper and was dedicated to someone close to me. i dont know if the grammars are correct yet im sure it was checked by our editor. oh well it just a high school stuff.


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