Part 4

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Arnav was surprised or rather shocked when his attender gave him the lunch. So Khushi didn't come? That somewhere hurt him.

Why are you so hurt Mr.Raizada? You deserve this for scolding her!

His inner mind told this.

"What happened ASR, you look upset" asked Lavanya.

"Nothing Lavanya" he didn't want to tell his personal problems to her.

"OK, I will take your leave now" she said. Arnav nodded his head.

Looks like my plan worked. Wait and watch what happens next! Lavanya smirked and went out of his cabin.

"How should I woo Khushi? She seems to be very upset with me. Thanks to my anger" he murmured.

He remembered how much he made her suffer since they met. Now today when he knows that she is innocent and a pure hearted soul,  yet he hurt her. He gulped his throat.

"I am sorry Khushi" he whispered.

Khushi walked home with a pale face. She was walking as if she had no strength left in her. Arnavji loves some other woman! This thought was pricking her heart and breaking it to million pieces.

The person whom I love unconditionally, loves someone else!

She had cried a lot. What could be more painful for her than this? She reached her room and broke down. She took his photo frame in her hand and hugged it close to her chest. She started crying bitterly.

Why Arnavji? Why did you betray me?

She became alert on hearing a knock on the door. Shyam was standing outside. Khushi quickly wiped her tears. He walked inside.

"Khushiji are you fine? What happened? Why are you crying?"

"Nothing jijaji. I am fine" Khushi said not meeting his eyes.

"Khushiji you are like my sister, you can share your pain with me." He said. Khushi was highly frustrated.

"Why don't you leave me alone? Why are you always behind me? I said I am fine. Please leave me alone and stop interfering in my life" she removed her entire frustration on Shyam.

Shyam had no choice but to leave the room.

Even with a memory loss she behaves so cold with me. What magic did that Arnav do on her, that she can forgive his every mistake but can't share her pain with me!

Shyam broke the glass vase of his room angrily.

Khushi was hell upset with what happened in these two days. She cried more and more until her tears dried.

I wish you had loved me like I love you.

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