Part 59 - Sun rays and bad days

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The sun beamed into my new room, the light cascaded over my eye lids forcing me to see a dim orange glow. I shuffled on the spot, but felt a pair of arms around me, making me stop. I relaxed into Rick's arms and slowly opened my eyes. "Good morning beautiful" his voice made me jump, I didn't know he was awake. I turned around to face him, his cyan blue eyes were bluer than ever. "Morning" I replied as I snuggled into the nook of his next. "Last night was... really fun" He expressed, his voice deeper and raspier than usual "It was" I replied with a littler giggle. Rick kissed the top for my head and cuddled me closer "You're so special to me Jess, if anything happened to you, I don't know what I'd-" he exhaled "I know" I declared, placing my hand on his bare chest where I began to trace shapes.

"Rick!!!" A voice echoed through the cell block, the voice sounded familiar, "Rick!!!" the voice rang again, more louder this time, I recognised the voice to belong to Glenn, who came barging through my cell door causing the door to rang, and echoed around the cell block. Glenn took a moment to realise that Rick and I were in the same bed, he stopped dead in his tracks and averted his eyes everywhere but towards us. Glenn's face went bright red very quickly, "Errrmm Rick its Hershel and Michonne..." Rick piped up, "What about them? What's happened?" Rick questioned, a hint of desperation in his voice. "They've been taken" Glenn paused looking at Rick "By who!?!" Rick began to get agitated as though he was about to jump 5 feet in the air and out of bed. Glenn paused before answering "The Governor... he's back"


"We have to go find them!" Carol exclaimed, her hands on her head as she paced up and down the mess hall. "If they're anywhere, they'll be at Woodbury" I declared, I wrapped my arms up with my hands, how could this happen!? "Woodbury's gone to the dogs, its completely overrun and pretty much burnt down to the ground" Tyreese stepped in, explaining what he had seen. "If Tyreese hadn't have gone with them, we would never had known that they had been taken" Glenn expressed, giving Tyreese a sad smile as he did. "We have to go and find them" Carol repeated with a bit more desperation in her voice than before. "Where do we even begin looking? If the Governor really does have them, he'll bring them back real soon for leverage to get this prison back" I said, my eyes looking at the solid concrete floor.

"Alright then, let's get this place locked down in case he does decide to show up, we'll start looking for Hershel and Michonne in the morning, its already midday so we won't have enough time to cover the ground we need" Rick declared as he clapped his hands together and turned to walk away out of the mess hall.

We went through our usual routine of fortifying the prison as we did previously. I was told to check the tombs with Glenn to make sure that the barricades were holding up, we had recently finished them as we finally managed to clear out all of the walkers that resided down there. I approached each barricade and pulled on it to .make sure they wouldn't budge, if a part was loose, Glenn would hammer the parts of loose wood back on. It had taken us a while to check all the barricades and rooms in the tombs, damn near the whole day. Glenn and I had to double check to male sure there were no breeches. "Right, let's go" I ordered as we had just checked out the last barricade and began to head back through the vast maze of concrete.

"The barricades are done" Glenn said as he walked to wards Rick and the rest of the group. "We're all pretty much done up here so I think we should have some food and get an early night so we can get a head start at finding Hershel and Michonne" Rick declared, clapping his hands together for the second time today.

Carol had made us a nice dinner as we sat down and wolfed our food down, we hadn't eaten all day and we had developed a hell of an appetite. I had finished my food first and went to clear my plate on the other side of the mess hall. I was beginning to fell sleepy, so I wanted to go to bed straight away. I wanted to go out to find Hershel and Michonne and I wouldn't come back until I did find them.

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