Time hop
February 1st

Elysia Wright

I was currently three days over my due date and I was ready to get this baby out of me honestly. I was trying to walk him out of me so currently Nova, August, Vince , and T was walking the trail along with me.

He was being real stubborn not wanting to come out. I could Induce my labor but they wanted to see if  he would come on his own before doing it. But they not slick I'm thinking since they realized its so close to their wedding they want to wait it out but not me.

"I'm tired now " I said when I seen the bench to sit at

"Go ahead and take a break I would say we can walk tomorrow but August and I will be getting ready for the wedding." Nova said leaning on August as they walking came to a stop

"I can still come out tomorrow with Vince if he don't mind" I said and looked at him to see what he would say

"Nah I don't mind even if we just walk around the neighborhood " he said

"I'm ok with that long as nobody has dogs, he will defiantly be coming out then." I said and they laughed but I was dead serious

"With yo scary ass" T said handing me a water

I flicked him off after grabbing it because I knew he would have snatched it back or some "Well we can leave and I'll walk again tomorrow."

"My mama said spicy food help too but I don't know how true that is." August said shrugging

"She might be right she had you and Trav big head asses" T commented again making us laugh

"Fuck you" August laughed

"Sorry babe but if he have your head I'll feel bad for Elysia because " Nova teased looking the other way

"Oh you want to talk now huh ?" he picked her up by her waist running off

"Them two" Vince chuckled shaking his head

After catching my breath I finally stood up as we followed them to the truck we all came in

"I want to get tacos" I told Vince who was walking beside me

"From where"

"Um I don't know I guess who ever have some good ones I just got a taste for it." I told him pulling my phone out since it notified me I had a message

Wyd - Darius 😍

-Leaving the trail about
to go home wbu

Me and Darius still been talking, I haven't been back to his place but we go out to low key places for lil dates some days.

Just went to lunch
how you feeling- Darius

I'm good rn just ready
to get this over -

😩 so you ready to
leave me huh-

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