Chapter 16...

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I dragged Blinx along, out of the room. I could see he wasn't paying any attention where I was taking him. Jeez...He looks absolutely miserable. But I will do my best to fix it! Hopefully my idea does...

Soon, we came upon a giant iron door and we could hear a bunch of chattering and action behind it. Blinx's sad face turned into confusion and concern. "O que é esse barulho? (What is that noise?)" He questioned. Now it's time to explain. "Do outro lado é uma arena de paintball. A fábrica do tempo instalou isso não muito longo antes do dia em que Mikaela chegou. (On the other side is a paintball arena. The time factory installed that not too long before the day Mikaela arrived.)" I told him. He gazed at the big door and nodded. "Lembro-me de alguém mencionando isso. (I remember someone mentioning it.)" He said in a quiet tone. I chuckled at him.

When I played paintball, it was really fun and challenging in my opinion. Hopefully, he will find as much fun in it as I did. Some play it for the competition, some for the reward, some for the fun, others for the practice and training. I'm one of them who do it for fun. "Eu honestamente nunca fiz paintball antes. (I honestly have never done paintball before.)" Blinx muttered. "Legal! Primeira vez para tudo! (Cool! First time for everything!)" I said with slight excitement.

He slowly nodded, then looked at me. "Por que estou aqui? (Why am I here?)" "Isso vai tirar sua mente de algumas coisas, diverta-se. (This will get your mind off of some things, have fun.)" I replied with a smile. He gave a half smile back and we entered.

The room we entered was grey and it had the paintball equipment on the wall. A white cat who was near the wall and wearing some of the equipment came over to us with a smile. "Você está aqui para jogar ou assistir? (Are you here to play or watch?)" He asked us. "Estamos aquí para jogar o senhor. (We're here to play sir.)" I replied with a big excited smile. The cat nodded and led us to the wall full of paintball equipment, his arm out to the whole wall. "Nós carregamos armas de paintball e os óculos de proteção necessários. (We carry paintball guns and the necessary goggles.)" He informed us. Blinx nodded and scanned the wall to decide which to choose. I just got a dark blue gun and noticed all of them were already loaded. Cool!

Blinx decided to get a yellow gun and looked at me. He wasn't sad anymore. His face showed determination and prediction that this was gonna be big and daring. I gave a purposeful nod back to him, showing I had the same feeling. Thank the Time Goddesses, he's not sad looking anymore. Then we were instructed to read the directions of the game that was beside the door to the battlefield. While reading them, Blinx would give a small grunt of understandment to some of the rules. "Antes você ir, devo dizer-lhe uma coisa...(Before you go, I must tell you something...)" The white cat said to us after we got done reading. Blinx and I turned to look at him. "Todos estão contra o outro. Portanto, tenha cuidado e fique atento. (Everyone is against each other. So be careful and watch out.)" He warned with sterness in his voice. I and Blinx nodded. "E se você infringir as regras, você será retirado. (And if you break the rules, you will be withdrawn.)" He added, still firm with his words. I and Blinx nodded once more. "Você não pode iniciar ou parar até o sino tocar. (You cannot start or stop until the bell rings.)" He continued. I and Blinx nodded again, then he nodded back.

He then told us we had to wait until the round of paintball was done, then we could enter the arena. So we sat and waited. Some other cats came in the join too, but were told all the things we were told. It wasn't boring to wait, it was actually anticipating. Blinx and I talked and planned out that we would work together. I know, the instructor said we all go against each other, but we didn't care about that part. We are a team, and we'll stay like that. When the round was finally over, cats exited the battlefield with paint all over them, some laughing, some frustrated, and some emotionless.

After explaining the rules out loud to us who were waiting, the white cat said "Boa sorte. (Good luck.)", then carefully opened the door to the paintball battlefield, quickly closing it once all of us waiting had entered. The area was huge and forest-like. There were a bunch of objects that we could hide and take cover behind, yet alot of open field too. Over the speakers, the voice of the white cat said to scatter around. So we did so. Blinx and I quickly looked around, and he tugged my sleeve and pointed at a big rock. I nodded and we hustled towards it. No one has taken it, so it was ours now. Yay!

We stood still, guns against our chests, our breath heavy and our hearts racing. But we weren't scared, we were prepared. Adrenaline rushed through me as we had to wait till the bell rang. I looked at Blinx who gave a grin and his face dauntless. It was amazing! My plan had actually worked so quickly. He just needed to stop thinking about it.

Soon, the bell rang and the paint battle started...

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