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(What Now, Rihanna)
Nathan's P. O. V.

I stared blankly again at the man before me. As he just stood their giving a questionable look.
"And if I don't want your company?" I grunts. So he thinks that if he just hands his company to me I will let him into my life?

"You do realize what your asking right?... Your asking me to accept the company that you left me for. Your son. The company you chose over me."

"Nathan maybe its best to take this outside. Lahlani is already stressed. She doesn't need to be worrying about this right now." My mom steps in urging us to step outside.

Although I badly just wanted to ignore my mother. She is my mother and she is right.
"Your right Lahlani doesn't need anymore drama she has enough as it is." I agree. Heading towards the front door opening it allowing Emanuel and my mother go first me following close behind them. Shutting the door behind me.

"I know I've said sorry already and saying it multiple times more from the looks of it is not going to change anything. I just want you to know that even if you say no I will still be here because no matter what I want to be apart of your life. Just think about it okay. And if you'd give some more thought on letting me meet my grandchildren well I'd be even more grateful. Now I am not saying call me dad or anything even though that'd make me happy. I'm just asking you to think about it."
He pleads while I just gave him an unfazed look.

Now it may seem like I am just being flat out cold but I am not. Inside I'm very confused. And I don't know the word for it but just let's just say I am completely lost. I don't know what tot think. My night went great from this in a matter of minutes.

Yes I am angry. Angry that he's waited 28 years to try and be apart of my life. And to add to the pile he is apparently dying?

"Okay, but I have a question." I says folding my arms over my chest. Letting out a much needed breath.
"Go ahead. Ask away." He says urging me on.
"So, if you were as you said... Dying, would you be here right now asking for my forgiveness and to let you into my life? So that you can make yourself feel a little bit better before you kick the bucket?" I question but the small smile his face held dropped upon hearing my words.

"Nathan-" my mom interjects with wide eyes.

"No no no. He's fine. He's right to question it. If I was in his place with my dad-"

"No, he would have never done anything like this. He wouldn't leave his own children to start a company. He would've and did work with both. But me being me. I am going to think about all this. I am going to think about you being in my life. But you won't meet my kids or my fiancé until you show me that you can be trusted. Don't hold your breath on it though. Because my answer is most likely going too be no."

"Okay, that's great but. If your answer is yes. Can we just meet up somewhere and talk? I want a chance to get to know my son. I mean I kept tabs on you to make sure that you are all right but other than that I practically know nothing. And about my company we'll we can discuss that later. That is if you say yes. I know I've said it already but I am truly sorry for missing all of your childhood. And that I didn't get to be that father figure for you and the one that you probably needed the most growing up."
Emanuel says with sad. Giving me a pleading look.

I sighed once again. I just stood their and counted each second that went by. I just need a minute. Just one. Maybe longer. A lot longer to process all of this. I just need time period. This is unbelievable. But either way affair or not I will always have respect for my mom. She's my mom.

"I had that father figure growing up remember? But yes... I will consider it. And when I am ready mom will call you. But if you didn't know it is Thanksgiving and I need to get back to my fiance so." I dragged out. Looking over to my mom. Realizing that she has been quite for a while now.
Findings her staring at Emanuel with sad eyes.

"I'll leave you two here to talk... See you inside mom and bye..." I say questionably dragging out the last few words not knowing what to call him.

"Uh... Emanuel. Is fine." He nods and I do the same open my door and head back inside.

To find Lahlani at the door leaning onto the hall wall holding both twins her arms while she cooed to them. Hearing them babble sweet nothing into the air. Causing her to laugh.
Closing the door she looked up at me instantly with a smile.
"Hey, future husband." she smiles walking over to me at seeing her contagious smile only made me smile just as big as her.
Upon hearing her words it made me smile been bigger a let out a small chuckle.

"Oh my god. I can't I just said that. I can not believe I am getting married again... You know I'm glad you didn't give up in me when I first turned you down. If I had well I don't know where I'd be... Probably dead. And I wouldn't these little angels... Or you." She smiles sweetly staring at me in awe.

"Well than I'm glad I didn't either. And that glad that Andre gave the 'pep talk' about dating again. And come o we both know I wouldn't have given up on this beautiful face. When I saw you it was just unavoidable. Standing over that pier with that sad face. I just knew I had to make you smile at least once... And I did didn't I? No one can resists these good looks." I cheese gesturing towards my face.
And she bursted into laughter her laugh already becoming music to my ears.

"Stop laughing you know how that affects me." I groan and she only laughs more.
"Yeah? A-and h-how does that affect you?" She laughs.
Raising my eyebrows at her. Is she really asking me that right now?
Lahlani can just turn any ones bad mood into a good one in a matter of seconds.
A smirk finding its way onto my lips. Leaning down to her level I find myself getting closer to her ear onto I feel my lips grazing her. Causing her to jump back but I hold her in place.
I whisper, "keep it up e ho itenzione de solleticare con la mia grande salsiccia Italiana." Smirking big I pull away from her seeing her wide eyes.

"I'll mio ho il peggior caso di palline blu." I continue on.
"I have no idea what you just said but it sounds dirty." She whisper back causing me to laugh.

"Oh bellezza" I shake my head swooping Mehlani out of her arms.

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