Less Complications... Maybe. Part 47

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Danny's POV...

I have to say that I would have liked a few less complications in our life. But every now and again, Izzy and her insecurities don't make for a less complicated life for either of us. Or our daughter for that matter. She is always making life for us a matter of drama. Especially where the Osmann boy was concerned.

I can still cringe when I think of that time we went and had to retrieve our errant daughter who had gotten herself drunk and went and confronted Gavin about his getting her pregnant. Or so she thought. And, considering the adamancy of Gavin's refusal of accepting responsibility of the child we soon found didn't even exist, she couldn't really be trusted over anything any more.

After dragging her off the property with her wailing as she was wasn't bad enough compared to Izzy going off again as she did. Then to have Fai and the man she was supposedly engaged to turning up when they did sort of took the cake, so to speak. I didn't think it could get any worse.

But seeing that Alyssa was then the talk of the town when the Osmanns neighbours had videoed the whole debarcle did make it worse. I had to step in and do something and as a father, or any parent for that matter, I had my own child admitted into psychiatric care for a little while to see if that helped.

Which it did. After that, I decided with much objection from Izzy that our daughter was going to be sent to one of her uncles who lives up north in Queensland for a while. Hopefully getting her right away from here might make a difference in her demeaner and attitude. And, hopefully help with her getting over the Osmann lad.

Nolan was able to concentrate on his studies now that the house was somewhat peaceful without his sister there causing the mayhem she usually does. I can still remember one of the last times we ran in with Fai again. Her twins were a couple of years old. Not that we knew they were her twins. But I remember the meeting very well. It was one of the first times that Fai and I had a sincere conversation with each other regarding our kids.


" So, Danny. How have you been? How's the family?" Fai had asked once Izzy shut up.

" They are good. Nolan's doing very well in University." Mentioning my son made me feel proud of him and his accomplishments.

" Why are you asking about our family? We don't have anything to do with you." Izzy had to say with a disgusted sort of tone to her voice in a louder voice knowing full well that it was likely to attract attention.

Izzy was beginning to get attention drawn to us. I still can't believe thats he is still so insecure when Fai is around. It is beyond ridiculous, it is.

" I was asking about them Izzy, because they are my daughters siblings who all need to know each other. I am not the one who stops them from contacting each other. Both Nolan and Alyssa have the right to know their older sibling. And your spiteful jealousy shouldn't stop them from doing that. One day, they will hold it against you." Fai snapped out at Izzy. Which was only fair, especially with what she was saying. The kids all did need to know about each other since they are siblings.

" Now, if you don't mind my asking my ex, I would like to know how his children are faring." She then turned to look at me after calling me her ex like she did. I can still see some of the others shoppers were watching and listening in to the conversation that was probably providing some entertainment for them.

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