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song mood: don't watch me cry- jorja smith
•kamiya's pov

i wiped my tears as i sat on the sand, looking at the stars.

"i wish i knew you. i wish we created memories together, i wish we got to know each other." i sobbed with more and more tears rolling down my face.

"maybe dad wouldn't be so busy, if you were still here. maybe he would be home everyday just to see the whole family and we would eat dinner and have family chats." i lightly chuckled in despair.

"kamiya" i heard a familiar voice say.

i looked to my right and saw derek walking towards me. i ignored his presence and looked ahead of me as our argument replayed in my head.

"hey babygirl" he said sitting down with me.

"how did you find me?" i asked not paying any attention to him whatsoever.

"at first at i tried calling you... like 500 times but that clearly didn't work."

"but then i remembered the conversation we had in your theatre room after our moment and you said you loved going to the beach."

"a beach that's not so average." he added, smiling

"so this was the first place that came to mind

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"so this was the first place that came to mind." he added

i looked at him and saw his eyes sparkle. he's so beautiful and warm-hearted. i don't know how but i just felt the urge to cry. but i was so happy to be here with him.

"derek. i love you so much." i said starting to cry and hugged him and began to hold onto him.

"i love you too baby.i am so sorry that i said that about you. i should've just kept my mo-."

"can we please not let anyone or anything get in between us. i'm not like those other girls you dated before. i've been through shit. i know what pain feels like." i said into his chest, cutting him off.

"i know. i saw your breakdown. i'm going to make sure you never leave." he said

"what do you mean?" i said scrunching my eyebrows.

he explained to me about the camera and the tutorial delany and alisha was making in my bathroom.

"i feel like such a bitch" i said wiping my leftover tears.

"no baby. you're not. i think you're strong. you've just held it in for so long, you needed to let go." he explained.

"it happens to everyone."he smiled "even me"

i just nodded my head and hugged onto him again and began to feel cold.

"are you shivering?" he asked. he didn't let me answer. he just went into his car. he came back within 20 seconds with two knitted blanket in his hands a basket.

"is this a picnic. in winter?" i laughed

"i thought it would've been sweet" he said with a playful frown.

"it is" i smiled sitting with him and eating a sandwich he packed.

"i love you kamiya" he said and smiled out of no where

"i love you too derek." i smiled back

"i know this is short notice but..."

"can you be my official girlfriend?" he asked

oh my god

"derek of course i do." i smiled.

he hovered over me and kissed me then i started laughing and pushed him away playfully.

i'm never letting him go

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i'm never letting him go. i love him so much. never have i met such a humble and caring boy. he's so rare and i love him so much.

sorry guys short chapter but 3 updates in a day:)) clap for me :'))) hope y'all enjoyed this chapter xx

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