An Eventful Day

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Ahem ahem, I think I'm crazy for writing this, but I just got an idea and I couldn't control myself.

So here we are, there will be some parts from the original shorts but most will be my ideas.

(Y/n): Your name
(N/n): Your nickname

I don't own anything, please don't steal.

(Y/n)'s P.O.V.:

I sat in my seat, waiting for the bell to ring so I could leave this place. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate school, but right now, I just feel like going home and get a long nap since I am sleepy, like really sleepy.

'It wouldn't hurt if I get a real quick shut-eye, would it?' Deciding that I will be fine, I closed my eyes and just before I could fall asleep, the bell rang and everyone screamed excitedly, I jumped, startled. I tried to calm my heart down as I looked around. Seems like everyone was as bored as me, I chuckled. With a small yawn, I picked up my books and walked up to my locker with a fast pace, not wanting to confront the yellow-haired slut (Don't be offended, it's the girl that's a slut, not you even if you have yellow hair, I am referring to the personality here). I am way too sleepy to deal with her and her attitude.

Reaching my locker, I opened it and packed up my stuff that I will need for doing today's homework, then again, I might not do it till late night since I'm a huge procrastinator. Well, here goes nothing. I slung my bag over my shoulders, closed and locked my locker and turned around only to come face-to-face with the lemon head. I mentally facepalmed, here goes my plans and my dear sleep.

"Pardon me if it isn't dearest little (y/n)" Shanaya spoke in a dramatically high-pitched voice. I looked at her with a expression that says 'I don't give a damn'. She was wearing some really high heels, well, can't really blame her, she's really short after all. She was in a small blouse that shows off her cleavage and a really short pencil skirt. Jeez, where is all the shame gone from today's girls? Not to mention all that make up on her face, making her look like a cheesecake.

"Why yes it is dearest little me, shorty slut" I looked down at her, wearing heels and still she's short. Her boyfriend and his best friend came up to me.

"Watch your mouth, (y/n)" Raven said walking up behind his short girl friend. Raven's best friend, Nathan just walked beside him, not speaking. Typical Nathan when with others, especially Shanaya.

"Dear friend Raven, if you don't want me to snap, then get your slutty girlfriend away from me. Just taking a look at her face makes me want to vomit" my eyes twitched as I made a disgusted face.

"You dare-!?!" Shanaya was silenced by a hand on her mouth. She looked up to Raven. Nathan gave me a smile and I returned it.

Rubbing my temples, I spoke, "Sorry, it's just, I'm not in the mood, I suggest you leave me before I say anything else which might offend you, if it already hasn't that is."

Shanaya gave me a look that makes me want to rip open her stomach, take out her insides slowly one by one and watching her die painfully as I squeeze the life out of her heart, literally. If not for my teachers, the manners that my parents taught me and her boyfriend, she would have died, more than a thousand times already. Raven took Shanaya off to somewhere else, probably to do 'it'. Nathan didn't followed them which is better for him I guess. He instead stayed as he took my bag from me.

"Let me help you" he smiled calmly.

"Sure" I gave him a small smile of my own as I walked with him out of the school.

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