Chapter one: Flight to LA

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Ashley's P.O.V

**One week before moving**

"Raya, how many times have I told you, I will pack my bags 2 days before we go." Raya and I are currently at my house and let's just say she likes to be organised. We are both moving to LA as we agreed that London is the worst place ever.

"Just pack now, 2 days isn't enough!" She says while looking through my wardrobe.

"Fine. I will do it when you leave," I lie hoping that she would leave.

"Ashley I am your best friend I know when you're lying." Damn it. I give up. I walk to the kitchen leaving her confused in my room. I grab a pack of M&Ms and poured them into the bowl (M&Ms are me and Raya's favourite chocolate). I then walked into the living room and looked for a movie. The titanic! I remember watching that movie with Raya I cried so much but I was so angry too. There was enough room for jack!


"Raya it's Ok. Girl stop crying, the movie has ended and I'm running out of tissues," I keep forgetting that Raya can be a bit emotional at time. She wipes her eyes and slowly drifts asleep I do too.

**Moving day**

It's 4:30 am and my alarm is beeping like crazy. Lovely. I jumped into the shower then started singing. Warning! I can't sing! After showering I wear a Adidas jumper and joggers, I tie my hair into a messy bun then run down my steps, almost tripping on the last one. I already had my bags packed and a mini backpack full of candy(mostly nerds), my laptop and a few books. I call a taxi and text Raya to make her way over to mine. It's really happening we are moving.

**On the plane**

We've been on the plane for 2 hours and already Raya has drifted asleep. It's hard for me to go to sleep when I have a 5 year old brat kicking my chair. Yes I told him to stop but he just stuck his tongue out at me and I would report him to his parent but they are asleep and I really don't want to disturb them.


Hours drift by and Raya finally wakes up. "We're almost there." I tell her before she tries to fall back asleep. I only got an hour sleep as I offered the kid kicking my chair some Nerds so he could stop. It worked. 

"Please buckle up your seat-belt this plane is landing." Raya and I looked at each other and sparks of happiness shoots through our eyes. We then buckle up our seat belt and take a huge breath. This is actually happening.

"LA..." Raya says.

"Here we come!"

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