Chapter5:Stuck together

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"You are suppose to apologize" I snapped back
      " Really? It was obvious you did that purposely"  He said
I was so annoyed ,not because he said I should apologize but the fact that break would soon be over and I haven't eaten.
     "OK I will" I pretended as if I would apologize.
   I was walking very close to him and we were just about 3 inches apart from each other , I moved close to him before bending down and I spoke into his ear.
      "I'm not begging you, so get your fucking hand off my body and let me make the best use of my break"
     I removed his hand from mine and smirked before turning back to go to the cafeteria.
        I went back to sit where I was sitting before.
     "What happened? What did he say? " Harnie asked me
      " He wanted me to apologise to him" I told her
     I opened my bag and I brought out my sandwich.
     "Welcome to Country Stomach" I said sheepishly to the sandwich and I almost put the sandwich in my mouth ...almost . The alarm went off meaning break was over and I have to go my next class now . A normal student would put the sandwich back inside her bag but since I wasn't normal I shoved everything inside my mouth
     "Easy girl, u will choke" Harnie said to as we stood up. We were going to the Chemistry class.
We opened the door to the class and we entered .Some students were inside so we sat in the. Middle .
After about 5 minutes the chemistry teacher entered and some other students entered including Liam, he  smirked and sat behind me. The Chemistry teacher started teaching and i felt something hit my head from behind . it was a paper and i opened it . It read
           "We have unfinished business, I hope you know nerd."

I pretended as if I didn't know who threw the paper about and I ignored it. He threw another paper and this time it hit me painfully I groaned.
      The teacher looked back and pointed to me. " Yes, help us to define stoichometry" she said to me.
       " it is....Stoichometry is..." I babbled
     "You don't know it?" She asked me
   "I wasn't a science student in my former school ,I was an art student" I told her
     "Oh ,that means you will need a tutor if you know you will be taking the sciences" she said
     " Yes ma'am" I said back
   "Liam Romero you will be tutoring her everyday" The teacher said . I looked at Harnie to come to my rescue but she looked incapacitated. I felt another paper hit me . I picked it up and it read
      " I guess we are stuck together"
  I looked back and he winked at me. 
     Liam freaking Romero

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