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Warning: It is not a lemon, but it contains some light sexual scenes, if you are curious, I was blushing as hard as Maki's hair while writing them! The start and the end will be marked with this friends ====, no plot in between in it and is short.




Your POV

What would you do if the one you love the most is being distant? How would you feel if, no matter how much you try, that person is always in front of you? Would you feel desperate if that person doesn't look at you?

If, just if, she just looked at me the way she used to do I wouldn't feel like this. So empty, so afraid of the future, like if the world is conspiring against me, fighting with the only purpose of destroying me and if I am losing that battle.

The only thing that doesn't let the world to consume me are my thoughts, the thought that she still loves me, that she still wants me, that whenever I look at her, her heart will beat as fast as the day we first kiss.

I'm in my room, resting in my bed as my arm is covering my eyes. I'm supposed to go to school, but I don't want to. The fact that she will be there, ignoring me like the last few days is destroying me.

Removing my arm from my eyes I look at the ceiling. My thoughts capturing me again as a try to not let the reality to kill me, ensuring me a happy life along with her in the future, that I just need to smile and everything will be right, that is what my heart shouted. My mind said a completely different thing, she doesn't love you anymore, she hates you, everything will be alright if you just went to disappear, her heart suffers every time she sees you.

I got up from my bed and went to a drawer; from there I grabbed an album. For My Future Love, that's the title written in the cover, I just giggle at the title we both decided. Opening it I saw all the photos we took. Our first date, the moment after our first kiss and even our best moments alone, passing through those moments I saw my childhood, Mari, Kanan, Dia, those three girls are always making me laugh, that's right, I am a year above my girlfriend, I am supposed to be more mature and I am the only one suffering here, then I passed to my first concert when I was in first-year, I'm a solo singer but that year my three childhood friends asked me to join Aquors but I rejected since I thought that they should start their own path.

Finishing my part, I passed to the one of Riko. Her first concert with the piano, her entrance ceremony at Otonokizaka...

...who is that girl? The one that is hugging her?

She had a long blond hair loose that get to her knees, purple eyes that shone as a star with a voluptuous body, even for a first-year. She was beautiful, but I have seen her somewhere...

...Is that the new girl?

I heard from Dia, that a new girl with a curvy and beautiful body entered, that she was a little childish, blonde hair with purple eyes that could hypnotize everyone if she only proposed, that's why Dia had her in observation all the time and that's why she asked me to be careful for not involving in her way, she even showed me a photo.

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