1 Bad Boy Kiss

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Chapter 1: 1 Bad Boy Kiss

                I felt like everyone knew about it. I felt as if all eyes were on me but in fact, the people around me were only focused on their lives. I got curious glances or sympathy looks but nothing where I was being openly gaped at. That was what I wanted.


                It has been two days since I found out my boyfriend Conner had cheated on me. I found him at a party from a different town over making out with some other girl. I guess he thought, he would be safe there. He must have forgotten I knew the people throwing the party.

                Today, which was Monday was the day I was regretting the most. I knew people would find out right away because Conner and I had dated for two years straight and you could say we were on the more popular side in school. Which I took as I was friends with a lot of people, Conner took it as he owned the school.

                And I was right. Once I found the scene of him sucking face with the girl, I broke up with him right away. I took down I was in a relationship on Facebook that same night; apparently that made it official. That same night, I got texts, calls, and messages asking what happened. I didn’t respond to any except to my close friend Hailey but sooner or later everyone was going to find out. That happened within an hour.

                Now, as I watched people go on with their life and stop for a minute to say sorry before moving on, I stayed in place wondering about my past. What I did to deserve him doing that to me. I was never one to believe in love at such a young age but I felt as if Conner changed that. Boy, was I wrong or what?

                I closed my locker and made my way to my first period class. I waved or smiled as people greeted me but didn’t stay long to chat like I usually did. I was scared I would see Conner and I don’t know how I would react. On Friday, I was fueled by anger and hurt and lashed out at him. Today though, I just feel stupid about my judgment and know I would break down if I was to be confronted by him.

                “Hello my sexy friend.” I looked to my right at my best friend Hailey who was grinning at me. My lips twitched at her greeting. Leave it to her to make me laugh when I feel like shit. Hailey was the only person I trusted more than myself; considering we were so much alike, it would be like not trusting myself.   

                “Hello girl who has a sexy friend.” I answered back jokingly. My mood was brightened a little already. I guess all I needed was my best friend. After all, she did sit with me all weekend eating tubes of ice-cream as I cried. Well she did do that until she smacked me and told me I was better than that. God, I loved that girl.

                She gave me a cheeky grin and threw a piece of paper in my face. “Guess what we are going to go to soon?"

                I shrugged looking down at the orange piece of paper. Couldn’t they have picked a prettier color? Big bold letters caught my eye written at the top: TOWN FAIR! Oh! They had one every year with rides, booths and random games where you win stuffed animals. For the past two years, I went with Conner and he would always win me a stuffed penguin because they were my favorite animal. 

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