Epilogue [3] – Charlie Bradbury

Charlie wasn't sure what she was going to walk into.

She was on the porch, a few feet away from knocking on the door. On the other side, Scarlett Johansson was waiting in all of her glory. Charlie hated herself for not missing Scarlett as much as she should have.

When she opened the door, Scarlett was waiting for her with a surprised look in her green eyes. There was no evidence of a hair color change, it remained blonde. Damn, I was hoping for Natasha Romanoff. I'm disappointed, Heaven. Expect a complaint.

"You didn't go?" Scarlett asked.

Charlie looked at her partner, confused. "I did. I've been gone for a while, Scar." She cocked her head.

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, wait." Charlie smacked her forehead. "Cas, he said he stopped time so things would be normal when I got back. I forgot." She blushed as red as her hair.

"So you did leave."

Charlie nodded. "I did. And boy, do I have a hell of a story to tell you."

"What was he, Charlie?"

"An angel."

"Angels can stop time?"

"Apparently so, in Heaven at least."

"Well, then I guess I have to thank him for that, otherwise I would've been missing you every day."

Charlie felt a nervous smile touch her lips. I would've been missing you too, Scar, if I hadn't been up to my eyeballs in hunting. She felt guilty for not returning the sentiment. She felt a little self-loathing for almost forgetting Heaven ScarJo's existence!

Scarlett eyed her girlfriend. "What is it?"

Charlie's shoulders slumped. "I can't lie to you, Scar, I just can't."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying...where I went, I ignored Heaven's existence. I ignored your existence." The redhead pouted. "That is no way to treat you, even if Cas froze time for me. It's inexcusable."

Scarlett opened her arms. "Come here." Charlie almost instantly fell into them, and the warmth of Scarlett made the guilt even heavier in her chest. Before she knew it, silent tears were streaming down her cheeks.

With Charlie still in her arms, Scarlett pulled the redhead into their home. Charlie nearly stumbled and caused them both to hit the floor, but Scarlett was quick to right them both before disaster struck.

"If I were in your spot, and I had the chance to go back to Earth, I'd forget about all this too," Scarlett murmured into Charlie's hair.

But you're not really dead, Charlie thought grimly. You're just created by what I want Heaven to feel like. And right now, it's punching me in the gut.

Charlie missed Sam and Dean, and Cas. She missed Jessica and Jo, and hell even Meg too. She missed their comradery. She missed being back in action, kicking supernatural ass as a hunter. There was no way Heaven was going to accommodate her renowned hunting instinct. It would only encourage Charlie, perhaps encourage her to want to attempt to escape again.

"If you were so happy with Earth, then why did you come back?"

Charlie looked up at Scarlett. "It wasn't my choice, Scar. No offense to you, I love everything about here, you included. But...I felt like my old self again there. I kicked ass, I got to save lives. I got to meet new friends and save old ones. If I could have stayed, I would have, even though I know I would be leaving you."

"Well if...Cas?...if he froze time like you say, I wouldn't know you'd left for so long. Maybe if you came back seriously prune-y and white-haired, sure." Scarlett chuckled.

"That's sexy, right? Being old and white-haired?" Charlie joked.

"It works for some people. We don't need to worry about that until we get there."

Which, going by Heaven Law, we probably never will age here.

"He seems to be a good person, Cas. Can I even call him an angel?"

Charlie chuckled. "You can call him whatever you want, Scar."

"Well, then I guess I can call him a friend, because he brought you home."

As Charlie remained in Scarlett's arms, she realized the blonde made a point. Yeah, he brought me home. He brought me home to you. 

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