#24+#19+#5 : Sebastian Vettel

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Happy Holidays Fam💕❤ Got this mixed special one shot for my girls, and hope you guys like it😙Grazie for requesting 😘😚


#24: "Do you think you could stay... You know for a little while? I don't think I'm ready to be in my own yet." (For wolffieSeb ❤ )

#19: "Did you know that you're an idiot?"
"You learn something new everyday" (For KamiiTth also corazón I love your profile pic with all my soul😍😍❤ )

#5: "I don't know why I bother"

"because we're getting married!"

"ugh yeah... That." (Idk who requested, but this is for you baby❤)


You close your eyes frustrated groaning against the soft shets under your body. You were is pure pain, not even medicine was reducing it. And guess what else? It was Christmas!

Your period really knew how to screw things up specially whenever Seb was around.

Still, you just decide to take a quick shower, get dressed in something comfy and fluffy and get downstairs to find the man himself, since he wasn't bothering you in your bed then he had to be somewhere else doing naughty stuff, as always.

You curse louder when you accidentally hit your foot in some ironed surface, one of Sebastian training stuff.


"Kitchen." Seb shouts giggling, definitely not understanding why you were in such a bad mood in the morning. "Liebeling, what's wrong?" He frowns amused.

"Did you know that you're an idiot?" You hiss storming in the kitchen throwing one of the softest materials at him.

"You learn something new everyday." Seb answer low internally giggling.

"Excuse me? Did I hear something?" You hiss back glaring at him. Now he knew you weren't really playing around.

"I said I'm sorry." You glare at him again.

"Someone can get hurt with that stuff out there, you think that's funny?"

"Princess, come on. It's fine no one will get hurt." He tries to reassure you while walking through you but it only raised your annoyance.

"NO ONE WILL GET HURT? THEN NICE TO MEET YOU, I'M NO ONE!" Seb holds his chuckle bitting his lip. Your bad mood always made you look adorable and this time it wasn't different. During all week you've been this annoyed and he couldn't understand why. Still it was really funny to see you that way.

" Liebeling... Are you okay?" he asks more concerned but it was possible to feel him holding his urge to laugh.

"Yes I'm freaking okay as always! Stop asking that! " he smiles and decides to play along.

"I don't know why I bother. " He answers back knowing that sometimes the lack of attention bothers you.

"because we're getting married!" You shot back not interested making him chuckle while you eat a random fruit.

"Ugh yeah... That." he answers rolling his eyes accidentally forgetting how you hate it.

"Excuse me what the f-ck was that?" as a person who never curses, Seb got hold back on your sudden snap. If there was something you hated was when you were saying something important and he rolled his eyes. Seb just acts like he didn't understand while you hold his gaze feeling more angry than before. He gave up and let you go to your living room.

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