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Fight for Love ( Sequel to SWBL)

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Olivia stood before my practically paralyzed. It looked like she was in the presence of voldemort. I looked around embarrassed.

Who was I kidding? How could I actually believe Olivia would say yes to me after all the hell I’ve put her through! I should’ve never even had done this. I should’ve never slept with Jade. If I hadn’t this wouldn’t be happening! I wouldn’t have to be here fighting.

But I am. Any other guy probably would’ve turned their head, but not this guy. I’ll fight and I’ll wait. I won’t give up so easily. I was taught not to.

I set the mic down and turned to leave when I felt a soft hand pull me back. I turned around and faced a happy faced Olivia.

“Yes.” Olivia says.

“What?” it was now my turned to be shocked. “Oh, rea---”

And before I could say more Olivia’s lips were pressed against mine and the crowd erupted into “Yays!” and “what the hells?!”

I brought my hands up to caress her cheeks. I felt her smile between the kiss which made me even happier to know I’m the reason for her smile. I felt her arms snake around my neck as I brought mine to her waist. And for the first time in a while, My life was perfect.

:: Later that night::

I won the performance and the girl of my dreams. Life couldn’t possibly get any better than this! To celebrate Mom took all of us out for pizza.

“I’m so proud of you, Hun.” My Mom smiles.

“You did good, kid.” Dad gives me a pat on the back.

“Girl, I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me,” I sang as Olivia and I walked hand in hand into Pizza Hut.

“Show off.” she nudges me playfully.

“Hi, one moment please.” Our waitress disappears to a table in the back.

“They’re so cute.” I heard Morgan, Olivia’s friend say.

“I know!” Sky agrees. “I still can’t believe how incredibly sweet you are Greyson, I can’t wait to find a good guy like you.”

“Hello, Beautiful.” My brother Tanner came from behind and wrapped his arms around Sky’s waist.

“Hello, Dickhead.” Sky pushes away from him.

“C’mon you know you want this.” Tanner sends Sky a wink, or at least he tries too. It looked more like a twitch.

“Ha, fail!” Morgan teased.

“Just like your Moms abortion!” Tanner shot.

“Rot in hell!” Morgan shot back.

“Why does hell have to suffer?” Sky adds.

“Child molester! You’re 19!” Olivia shouts.

“Age is only a number!” Dad butts in.

I guess we didn’t realize how loud we were cause the whole place was starring at us like we’re a bunch of nuts. I didn’t realize our waitress had even returned, she was standing there with menus in her hand and a disgusted look upon her face.

“So, um, table for 8?” Mom tells her trying to change the subject.


__At the table__


It was pure silence. All eyes where on the last slice of pizza. Their was 8 of us and only one pizza. Who will win this challenge? ;D

“I want it!” We all cried in a weird unison, each of us making a dash for it.

“I got it!” Alexa stands up taking a bite out of the pizza.

“NO!” we all sunk in our chairs will a loud sigh.

“I could’ve ordered more…” Mom told us.

We all looked at each other like idiots and busted into fits of laughter. Again, we received funny looks from everyone in the restruant.

But all eyes were off us in a flash when he entered…



DUN! DUN! DUN! Guess who comes in?! :D

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