Epilogue [2] – Meg Masters

Meg knew that she would be seeing Castiel soon. It was practically inevitable, with how their paths crossed in the past. She definitely wasn't expecting to see him again this soon, while she was trying to hitchhike off the road, and later steal the person's car. Instead of asking for her help in another end of the world matter, the angel felt the need to become her bodyguard, something that Meg despised but on some level secretly enjoyed. She liked the angel's company, liked to flirt with him and get him all hot and flustered. And she did this because...well, it wasn't to torture him. It wasn't for her pure entertainment.

As much as she hated to admit it, she'd caught feelings for the angel. But she wasn't about to openly admit that to anyone, maybe not even herself.

"I know what I'm doing," Meg continued. "I don't need you following me, Bert and Ernie do." She saw the angel's brows furrow.

"You didn't like saving the world?"

"I liked saving my bacon."

"You grew close to them, Meg."

The demon snorted. "We got along long enough to save your boys, and the world in the process. There was no sisterly bonding, no pillow fights and painting nails."

"You came together despite your differences."

"It was a debt I owed to you."

"Not this again. Why can't you admit it to yourself and not make an excuse?"

Because I'm a demon, idiot. Demons aren't supposed to form friendships with hunters, humans, anyone. We're bred to serve Hell and wreck the world, not save it. Meg ranted on and on in her brain, holding it all inside. She didn't want Cas to know how she really felt. Not that she thought he would let this slip out to anyone. Who would he tell besides the Winchesters?

"So, what, are you gonna follow me 'til they come calling?" Meg said nonchalantly. "You don't need to be a sad puppy with those eyes, Castiel. I'm not holding you hostage...although I doubt you would mind it."

"It was kind of nice, to—"

"Please stop." Meg covered her ears. "No more." Where's a damn car when you need one?

"Why do you insist on ignoring the facts?"

"Because they don't show what I am."

"But they do. They show a hero."

"Creatures of darkness aren't exactly poster children for heroes, Clarence."

"Well, then you're the first."

Why is he trying to put a positive spin on this? Demons are demons, we were made for criminal purposes. Normally, Castiel's appearance wouldn't bother her. His actions wouldn't annoy her—depending on what he did, he would accidentally turn her on a little. But, currently, Meg was not digging his company.

"Do you feel guilty, for sending them back?" Meg blurted out. "Is that why you're tailing me? You're afraid to lose me, too?"

Meg was surprised to find Castiel hesitant. "No, it's not."

"Then why?"

"You may want to fly solo, but you really don't. You want someone with you."

"And you believe that someone is you?"

"Yes, I do. Flirtation and sexual innuendos are just your way of masking how you truly feel. It's okay to let your walls down."

"I have no damn walls."

"You do. You've built a fortress. Meg, being vulnerable—"

"Is weakness," Meg spat. "Demons don't do weakness."

Castiel looked out to the quiet road. "You know, I can transport you to wherever you want to go. There's no need to resort to this."

Meg raised a brow. "I don't remember putting out signups for someone to be my partner in crime. Though, I might consider you if you're offering."

"I'm not saying I'll be your 'partner in crime', but I'll at least get you to where you need to go."

Meg sighed. "Why are you so nice to me, Clarence? Wait, on second thought, don't answer that. I might not dig the answer." She paused. "If you are offering your services, then how about it?" She looped her arm through Cas's.

"Where to?"

"Anyplace that gives me food, a roof over my head, and people to terrorize."

Cas frowned.

"I'm only kidding, Cas. I just want some place to lay low until next crisis. I wouldn't be opposed to having you as company for a while, either. Just lie to the boys about catching a case and handling it solo." Meg's hand traveled down towards Cas's ass. The angel did not object, the look in his eyes was conflicting. Did he like it, or was he intimidated by what was going on? "What do you say?"

Cas was hesitant, but he did give an answer: "I'll lay low with you, just for a little while."

"Mm, who knows? Maybe down the road we'll get around to moving that furniture that we talked about, eh?" Meg waggled her brows, offering the angel a coy smirk. "Or...when we get to where I want to go, we can make that happen sooner. What do you think of that?"

"One step at a time, Meg."

"That's not a no. In fact, that sounds like an indirect 'yes'."

**So not exactly the fiery smut Megstiel that I thought I'd end up writing. But they are the only legit ship I ever had throughout this show. No canon ships are ever a thing, but if they are, they don't last very long.**

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