Magic Holiday Thrills

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We are proud to introduce our first bilingual and multi-profile contest!

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We are proud to introduce our first bilingual and multi-profile contest!

This magical and thrilling holiday contest is brought to you by:







Submissions are open to all English and Spanish users on Wattpad!

What do you write about?

There is a dark and terrifying magical force that's creeping closer, just as fast as the holiday season creeps nearer. The fate of this holiday season can be saved, but are you up for the daring task ahead?

Take us on a spellbinding journey with the characters of your favorite HOLIDAY MOVIE as your cast. Tell us about the ACTION-packed ADVENTURE they ventured out on. What are FANTASTICAL objects, worlds and or enemies they to face?

We want the epic tale of how they restored the magic of our favorite season just in time to spread the cheer!

Please see the next chapter for an entire list of holiday movies. We are sure one would tickle your fancy, but feel free to choose any holiday movie even if it's not on the list.

What guidelines do you have to follow?

Launch date: 1 December 2017

Submissions close: 20 December 2017

Word count: 1500 min - 2000 max

Tag: #MagicHolidayThrills 

All submissions must adhere to Wattpad content guidelines

Please, no mature stories.

We accept both English and Spanish stories.

Only one entry per user. 

No co-written work, individual stories. 

We can only accept stories specifically written for this prompt, no previously written work. 

From the fanfiction perspective: no OC, please use the cast of the holiday movie you chose. 

Please ensure to incorporate as many of the following elements into your story: action, adventure, and fantasy. 

Your story must contain both the magic and fanfic part of the prompt. 

Please add the tag to your story so others can find it too. 

How do you submit your entry?

All submission are to be made via this linked submissions form.

Please read the form carefully and provide us with accurate information. To complete your submission, click submit. That's it! All responses will be recorded on a spreadsheet and we will be more than happy to read them.

Please note: We encourage you to comment the link to your story in the relevant chapter so others can enjoy your story as well, but only submissions made via the online form will be considered.

We retain the right to refuse any submission that did not follow the above-mentioned guidelines and to do so without notification.

When submitting please bear in mind that should your piece be chosen to feature in the anthology, you will be asked to email the written work to us. We in return promise to handle your written work with respect and to give the proper credit to you in the anthology. You will be contacted via PM if your story is chosen.

Failure to respond will result in you forfeiting your spot to the next highest scored submission.

How will your story be judged? 

Your submission will be read and scored by two judges. 

Two judges for English and two for Spanish.

Judges will look at the relevance to the given prompt, grammar, character and plot development, descriptions and last but not least the general enjoyable factor of your submission. 

The top 15 English and top 15 Spanish submissions, with the best-combined score, will be featured in this anthology.

The decisions made on the winning stories will be final and non-negotiable.

What rewards are there?

A spot in the 'Magic Holiday Thrills' anthology to be featured on all six profiles.

The chapter with the featured story will be dedicated to you.

A shout out from all six profiles involved. 

A sticker. 

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