Imagine #1- In the middle of the night

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[A/N This one sucks, I wrote it like a year ago.. If you want to read it, go ahead, but please even if you don't like it try reading the next imagines :)]

Nicole's POV:

It's already 3am and I still can't sleep. I moved a little trying to find a comfortable position and maybe fall asleep but instead I kicked Yusei in his stomach with my elbow and woke him up.

" Ouch what did you do that for?! " he protested " Sorry it was an accident-.. " he interrupted me with a kiss. I gasped and he took a chance to explore my mouth. He pulled me on top of him with each leg on the other side of him.

" I want you " he said between kisses and I felt shivers going trough my spine. " I want you too.. " I whispered in his ear.vWe switched places (now he is on top of me) and he caressed my leg from my ankle to my hip taking of my thin night dress over my head. I blushed realizing I'm just in my underwear now.

" Don't be ashamed.. " Yusei lifted my chin with one finger and kissed me passionately. I insecurely undid his belt and he smiled into the kiss. I pulled his pants down leaving him just in his boxers (He sleeps without a shirt). "Ya sure ya want this? " " Yes just do it or I'll change my mind! " I whined.

" Okay then " he kissed me again and then kissed my neck for a while then going lower kissing my stomach. I raised my back from the bed enjoying the pleasure and he took the chance to undo my bra. He threw it..somewhere and I tried to cover myself extremely blushing.

" Oh c'mon let me see you.. " he whispered and removed my hands. " You have nothing to be ashamed of.You're beautiful " he said and I blushed again. We continued to make-out 'till we were both naked. He kissed my neck again and started making small circles on my hip with his palm. Then out of no where he pushed one finger in me making me moan.

" Like it? " he smirked and moved his finger in and out. " Oh God..yes " I whispered and moaned louder when he pushed another finger in me. " Yusei just fuck me already! " I am so eager for him to be inside of me. I never wanted something this bad in my life.

He removed his fingers and put each hand on the other side of my head positioning himself. " Ready? If it hurts tell me, I'm gonna stop " I nodded and put my legs around his waist while hugging him around his neck.

Then he started. I felt sharp pain and tried to ignore it but a tear rolling down my cheek betrayed me. " Does it hurt? " he wiped the tear away and stopped moving. I nodded and bit my lip trying not to scream. It just hurts so much. I signaled for him to move 'cause I know this slow rhytm is killing him.

After few minutes pleasure supressed pain and soon enough I was a moaning mess. " Faster Yusei,please " I begged and he speeded up a little. " Harder.. ", " Scream my name " he demanded. " Yusei! " I yelled. " Louder.. " his thrusts became sloppy and I knew he is close.

" Yusei!!! " I screamed and soon the bed was hitting the wall because of us. " I-I'm-I think I'm gonna come " I breathed out between moans and groans escaping my mouth.

" C'mon baby, come with me " Yusei whispered in my ear and that was it. I came all over him, he following soon. He lied next to me heavy breathing, not like I was somewhat better. " That was..amazing " I said and he smiled and hugged me covering us with blanket. " Glad you liked it ".

" I love you " I said " I love you too babe " he said and kissed my nose.Soon we both fell asleep in each other's arms...

I can't believe I just wrote this *^.^*

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