New Rules

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It was 10.15 pm and Mischellina had gone to her bed. She texted her boyfriend, Joe, to say goodnight. Mischellina felt that she was ignored by Joe currently because of his bustles. Thought about how cold he was lately, she then remembered the conversation with her brother about the coldness of Lona. She knew that Lona used to act weird towards her crush and that became the reason why she has never been dated someone. Lona did not know how to behave towards her crush. Moreover, Lona is the person who really hard to fall in love. She used to need a long time to be in love with someone. Mischellina thought that it was impossible if Lona already like her brother.


Phillip was invited by a woman named Violin to an orchestra concert. Violin was a violist of the orchestra.

"Thank you for coming," said Violin after her orchestra concert was done.

"It's awesome. Thank you for giving your best performance," Philip replied and gave a bouquet of flower.
"How beautiful...thank you, Phillip," Violin smelled the scent of the flower.

Violin Channelita Moretz, a beautiful 24 year old woman from a prosperous family, was the major commissioner in the company of her father. She was also active in some activity related to art, especially music. She can play piano and violin.

She was the acquaintance of Edward Hemsworth, the nephew of Phillip, who become their matchmaker. In the entire Hemsworth Family, the partner background of the family member is an important thing. Especially the young men of Hemsworth, they love to show off about their almost perfect partner for the sake of their pride. In the Edward's point of view, Violin is equal to his dearest nephew. He wanted the best for his nephew. Violin is not only beautiful and rich, but also talented, such a perfect woman. He was so sure that Violin met Philip's taste. Phillip was not so sure about Violin, but he tried to be more opened since Edward recommended her and Violin seems good so far.

"Let me give you a ride to home," said Phillip
"Thank you..but, I think we should have a dinner together first. It is almost 7.00 pm" said Violin
"Hmmm....accross this building, I think. There is a five star restaurant. I am sure you will like it!" Violin smiled and glanced at Phillip.
"Well, if you say so, then let us go there,"

Lona was on her way to home from flower shop and shopping mall with Mischellina. Lona had accompanied Mischellina to choose and buy a bag for her mama birthday. She went home by ordering a taxi online. Once in a while, she took a look to her watch. It was 08.11 pm when the taxi finally went into the housing of her home. The housing where Lona family lived was an elite residences.

"Turn right, please" Lona gave the direction to her home. The driver immediately drove the taxi to the right direction as Lona request. There was a another car ahead of the taxi.

When Lona just arrived in front of her home and paid the bill to the driver, the another car stopped across Lona home. Then, she saw Phillip and her neighbor, Violin, were just out from that car. She was so suprised to see them.

Lona was out from the left door of the taxi and immediately ran out to her home. She took a peep to see Phillip and Violin from the windows of her home. She saw Phillip and Violin talked a while. Violin carried her music instrument, violin, while Phillip helped her to bring the boquet of flower into Violin's home. It was the first time for Phillip to gave Violin a ride to her home. After a minute, Phillip permitted to go home.

When Phillip was about went into the car, he unintentionaly saw the view across the Violin's home. There was a sweet classic arsitechture home with the beautiful front yard. Its yard was planted with so many beautiful and colourful flowers. He kept looking on the yard and contemplated.

Lona, who took a peep from the windows, was shocked when Phillip look straight over her home. She seemed terribly insecure that Phillip saw her. She was so sure that the windows was so dark before, but Phillip's close obervation and expression made her doubt about it.

Phillip was dazzled of the beautiful yard. His ocean blue eyes was about to drop a tear, but he held it back. He was stucked in nostalgia. The yard made him remembered about Girly a.k.a Lady. So did the building architecture. It seemed close but different.

"Does he has a supervision ability?" Lona muttered. She then shook her head. No no no, it is impossible that he could see me. But..what is he doing?

Lona did not have any idea about why Phillip had to be like that. After couples of minutes, Phillip looked like receive a call then finally went into the car.
Lona in her room alone and she was thinking about Phillip and Violin. In her opinion, Violin is a perfect girl. They two are made for each other. A perfect man like him must have a high taste of woman. I am nothing compared to her, said Lona in her mind.

She then thought about why all this time she dreamed about the perfect prince charming while herself was far from a perfect princess. She felt embarassed of herself. I need to be more opened to the man who approach me next time, do not be so idealistic. It is not proper for me to be a choosy girl because i could do nothing, Lona tried to keep this in her mind to be her new rules.

Lona was afraid that being a daughter from prosperous family is the only ability that she had. She did not confidence of herself.

Lona throwed her mind, got up and opened her bedroom window to smell the night aroma. She tried to entertain herself by looking at the night stars. Then, she turned her laptop on to work on her minithesis.

Across Lona bedroom, Violin could easily look at Lona because the opened window of her bedroom. She narrowed her eyes when she look at Lona. If someone saw how she gave a gaze on Lona that night, someone must able to see that Violin did not like Lona.

When Violin was a teenager, there was a new girl moved in to her housing, right in front of her house. The new girl was also went in the same junior high school with Violin. Since that day she felt like anyone in her school and neighborhood compared her to the new girl, Lona. Even though she got the first rank parralel on school and Lona at the second, and also she got more achievement at music than Lona, it seemed like people consider that Lona better than her. Violin hate Lona for her effortless when Violin had tried hard to be popular and favorite girl. They all said Lona was very humble that she did not like to show off her ability. They all said Lona was a cute shy girl and very well manered. They all said that Lona loved to share a goodness. Her voice could please anyone who hear it and so on.

Violin learned Lona path. She secretly learned how Lona talks and immitated it. She also immitated how Lona behaves. Even she could immitate only 40% of Lona, she became more successful to get people attention at her college life when she was a stundent.

Wait until I got Phillip. People will wonder how perfect I am that I got a son of important and influential person. Lona could not compete me at this. People must see me on the top...higher than her. I know that, said Violin in her mind.


Do you feel a lil bit strange? Actually, I delete a chapter before this. I am sorry if you found this chapter skips the story too much and confusing. 

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