Chapter 8: Dragons

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Then the king called all the wizards

"There will be dragon coming to Fiore, please help us fight the dragons" the king begged

Everyone accepted his plead, you felt in tiptop shape from drinking a potion, you were prepared to fight in your station of a dragon slayer, then the floor started rumbling, then there was a blast.

" Is the dragon here?" you asked confused, no one answered because no one you knew, you started to get worried, then one of the dragons came out of the place.

"Spread out, we don't want to get wiped in one swoop," master Makarov said, you started running, then a dragon made of fire appeared.

"I am the dragon atlas flame, prepare to take my hellfire, you humans" atlas flame said as he spat fire everywhere.

Then there was an explosion, and everyone flew back, up stood up again, ready to fight you activated your magic, out then the dragons started roaring, the people evacuated the town, you ran to find another dragon because the guild said they will handle it, focusing your magic and pushed the floor activating your mind map, your goal was to see another dragon, seeing one, you ran as fast as you could as you arrived you saw Saber Tooth

" Hey Sting, Rogue, Let me help" you offered coming closer and closer, you heard Natsu as he shouted a speech again.

" Natsu" you yelled with joy and relief, Rogue went after another dragon, you stayed back with sting and the rest of the members.

"Sound dragon vortex," you said casting the spell, then a sound wave vortex came out of your fists, attacking the dragon head on, but it didn't look like it had to effect, you jumped back.

" No, effect," you said shocked staring at Sting

" Well, you'll have to try harder," sting said attacking " WHITE DRAGON HOLY GRAIL."

You attacked again"SOUND DRAGON WING ATTACK," you said, You hit it, you jumped back, but the dragon winged its tail at you

"AAAHHHHHHHH" you screamed in pain as its tail smacked you, you flew in the air, but sting caught you.

"T-thanks," you said, he placed you down

"Dragon force, white dragon roar," he said attacking again

" Puny human, I didn't feel a thing" the dragon scolded

"I-it didn't a-affect him," you said with a worried and trembling voice.

"Run, " he said grabbing your hand and pulling you with him, then you both ran as fast as you could.

"What are we going to do Sting," you asked trying to keep up

" I don't know, but I have an idea" he smiled running faster

" Its Rogue," you said surprised, then sting pulled you to rogue

" Why the hell are you just sitting there," sting asked running closer

" Sting why are you here," he said turning his head to sting and you

"Though we should drop by and save you but, let's do this," he said with confidence

"Wait so have you beaten the dragon" rogue asked

Then the dragon you fought with sting broke the building behind you

"Umm, nope, just decided to bring it along," you said running faster and faster

" You what" rogue said dumbfounded

" Don't worry, dude he's super slow" sting assured as you three went back to back

"This isn't the time for jokes" rogue argued ready to fight

"We're a team, aren't we, we should take them on together," he also said ready to fight

then the dragons started talking to each other

"We're the twin dragons right, let's kick their asses, come on," sting says

"Let's go," rouge says with a smirk

"(Y/N) back us up ok" sting asked

" Sure" you smirked, you smiled out of joy, they started fighting the dragons.

"Sound dragon roar" you performed the attack, the dragon was about to use its magic to destroy sting, you didn't think you just acted with your instinct.

" NO, STING WATCH OUT" you screamed and pushed him as hard as you can out of the way of danger, you froze with tears as you got hit

"NOO,(Y/NNN)" rogue shouted

"(Y/NNNNNNNN)" sting scream with tears falling down their eyes, after being hit your body on the floor, with no signs of life, sting ran to your body and checked your pulse, but there was no sign

Suddenly you were back at your first position

"What the hell, what just happened," sting said puzzled with tears falling down

"Sting watch out" you shouted

Then sting jumped out of the striking area of the dragon

"D-did I just die or was it a dream," you said with tears

"What just happened" rogue said dumbfounded

" Did we see the future" sting asked scratching his head

" I don't know, we can talk about this later, but let's fight the dragons," you said wiping your tears, everyone nodded

" Guys I have an idea, close your ears and open then when I give them the signal," you said, they nodded, you took out your dragon flute and played a tune

( the tune was a spell that caused weakness )

The dragons roared in pain

You waved your hand, then they smirked and uncovered their ears, and they attacked with all their power.

"Shadow dragon roar""white dragon roar" they shouted at the same time and hit the dragons.

The dragons roared in pain

" It worked," you said with joy

" Damn right it did," sting said fist pumping the air

" I actually felt that one" the dragon spat, then the dragons started glowing

"Whats happening," you asked, but in a blink of an eye they disappeared

"man that was totally pathetic" sting complained

"And we call ourselves dragon slayers what a joke" rogue said, down

" Well no one said it was going to be easy," you said

" At least their gone," you said tried to cheer them up

"Well it's not really a victory" sting said disappointed

" We protected your friends didn't we" rogue reassures, lightening the mood.

"Let's go back," you asked standing up, dragging them.

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