Calm The Fire: 42

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Having a bowl of whatever dished up and placed in her hands, Náriel looked at it sceptically. Poking something which was just bobbing on the surface she fidgeted as if uncomfortable. “Not hungry?” A quiet voice appeared by her side, she looked up to see Bilbo.

Leaning forwards she looked at him honestly. “I can't eat this.”

His eyes blinked with confusion, wringing his hands he looked to the bowl and then to her. “Why...why exactly?” He started only to nervously cough and continue as he guardedly watched as Bombur looked up at them. He seemed quite happy with the meal he had created, Náriel sent him a warm smile, clearly not wishing to think that there was something wrong.

“Meat.” Náriel whispered while pretending to look interested in the meal in front of her. Bilbo still looked lost. “I don't eat meat.” She said quietly and somewhat through gritted teeth. “This seems to be all meat, and nothing else.”

“Gravy.” Bilbo said, Náriel just rolled her eyes.

“Yes, all right, meat and gravy and nothing else, is that better?” She questioned, Bilbo looked like he was actually pondering over an answer. “It matters not!” She laughed quietly, she didn't wish to know his answer. “I have to go find other food.”

“But it's dark, and dangerous out there.” Bilbo said nervously while slowly sitting down beside her.

Náriel shook her head, “We passed some trees back there. They looked like they had fruit growing on them. That'll be enough, at least to keep me going.” She paused. “I do also have some food in my pack. I can stock up.” She smiled.

Bilbo nodded thoughtfully, he looked up. There was something – someone – which came to mind, “What about Thorin?” At this they both looked up, Thorin seemed content with the meal which was handed to him. Looking to each other they seemed to both hum thoughtfully.

“Cover me.” Náriel said while slowly shuffling backwards.

“What? No, wait, what?” Bilbo questioned truly confused.

Náriel rolled her eyes. Placing the bowl in his hands she smiled. “Enjoy the meal. If they notice I’m gone, cover me. Lie, tell them anything, I’ve just...I don't know,” she smiled and shook her head lightly. Bilbo nodded through her words yet still looked slightly bemused.

Standing and stretching she seemed to make a deal of being tired and going somewhere to settle down. As soon as she took one step away from the camp fire she stopped. “Where are you going?” Thorin questioned simply. “Do not think we all could not see your little debate.” He lowered the bowl and looked up at her as she slowly turned on her heels. “Where are you going?” He asked again and stopped Náriel in her tracks, while he was still looking down she had taken another step back.

Sheepishly grinning she pointed over her shoulder. “To sleep.”

“No you're not.”

“Yes I am,” she replied while flicking her eyes to Bilbo, he stared wide eyed at the fire, rigid and silent. He did glance up at her though and quickly smile, he wasn't going to be much help here.

“No, you're not.” Thorin said again but with more emphasis on the words which he spoke.

“...I don't think it's wise to bring up the other option.” She said quietly while twiddling her fingers. She didn't think it would be nice to bring up the need for bodily functions while everyone was eating. Thorin just looked at her blankly. He blinked slowly as he fully placed the bowl in his hands on the floor. He had seemingly finished eating, Náriel rocked on her heels simply.

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