"I know you ain't got some bitch you done got pregnant around my child" Darius baby mama yelled

She came over to drop Zo back off and got upset when she seen me and I guess it pissed her off even more when Zo was happy to see me. I was now upstairs waiting for her to leave. I wasn't scared but I was pregnant and if she would have tried something we would have definitely been fighting.

"Chill with the bitch word!" Darius said

"Oh so now you taking up for the ho how you know the baby even yours Darius?" She yelled

"Shantell I'm a need for you to leave like for real. Our daughter is in the other room and she don't need to be hearing all this."

"Nah I ain't going no where. Is this the reason you can't give Zo any money? You giving it all to that bitch!" She raised her voice and I heard moving

"What you think you doing?" Darius said I can tell in his voice he was about tired of her " She not having my baby and I- look I don't got to explain myself to you but if you don't leave I'm calling the police"

"And I'm suppose to be scared? How about I go put you on child support since she not having your baby but you giving it all to her ."

"Shit you might as well you the only one taking all my money anyways."

"Whatever Zo Zo come on" she yelled

"You ain't taking her anywhere bye shantell"

"Get your fucking hands off of me" I heard her say then I heard the door shut. I looked over at Zo who I talked into putting her princess headphones on. She was innocent and it's not good for her to hear all that.

"You good?" Darius asked when he got in the room

"Yes, I'm fine but I'm about to leave I was waiting for her to leave so I could call Vincent. Is she gone?"

His faced changed and came standing between my legs looking down at me " Why you just got here?"

"I know but I can't do this" I sighed soon as I try to live a little here come the baby mama

"Do what? She ain't nobody Elysia don't let her run you off." He looked me in my eyes

"Darius, I like you I really do but that's something I don't want to deal with and she done threatened me already thinking I'm having your baby " that was the truth my feelings for him didn't change I just have to give it some space

"She not going to do nothing Ley I promise I'll handle her" he shook his head " This got to be stopped she out here living her life but don't want to see me happy"

"She just got to learn her place and get it through her head that you not hers. We can still continue doing us but it's not safe for me to be around right now"

"I understand but can I come see you though?" He pouted and I pecked his lips but he pulled me closer for another kiss

I smiled shaking my head "I'm sorry but she might have tracking on you or some. I don't need her to know where I lay my head at night."

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