Chapter 4: Time Doesn't Heal All Wounds

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"Hey, you want some coffee?", Steve said as he stuck his head into the doorway of my room.

I was finishing a bagel, mid-bite and just nodded yes. I was gathering up my books and as I headed out the door, I noticed I hadn't changed the calendar for that month. As I did, I realized I had been there almost three months already.

Time flew by and the last three months were filled with searching for jobs, going on interviews and finally landing a medical tech job at a psychiatric facility. I was doing in intake and it was something I was trained for. I was also very confident that they wouldn't look for me there, especially since they weren't even aware I went to college at all.

I walked to the kitchen and the smell of fresh coffee hit my face and I just inhaled deeply. It was an amazing smell and I couldn't get over the fact he grinded and brewed his coffee in an old French press. It was like living in a dream.

Looking back to the night I went out with Steven and his girlfriend as almost like a dream. The perfect looking couple. She was tall and thin, long, dark-blonde hair and a cute smile. She was so well put together and she said the whole "please" and "thank you" thing all night. She was super smart and polite, but confident. I couldn't believe I was living in this situation.

Steve was on the phone and as I entered the kitchen, he was quiet; just nodding and saying "mmm-hmm", every other second or so. It sounded serious and didn't want to stand there as if I was eavesdropping so I walked to the kitchen table and sipped on my coffee. I was reading the comic section of the newspaper when he came and sat down next to me.

"So, I have news.", he said reluctantly.

"My friend, the one I told you about who was overseas, is back in the states sooner than expected. I told him he could stay here, but didn't expect him for a few months yet. I have to pick him up at the airport in 2 hours.", he replied as he looked into his coffee mug.

"Wow. That's exciting...right?", I asked him-feeling confused.

"Oh yeah, no, it's just... I didn't expect it yet and wasn't really ready and I wanted to kind of debrief you before he arrived.", he replied.

"Debrief me?", I asked him.

"Yeah. I mean I just wanted to fill you in with more detail as I knew more info, but it didn't happen that way.", he said.

He had a confused and almost sad look on his face. I was a bit concerned that his friend was a mobster or something and he was letting a criminal in the house. Maybe this was the serial killer I was worried about.

"Okay, well you can tell me now.", I said to him.

He was silent for a minute and nodded his head a few times. He took a breath and then started to speak. I sat there in silence, partly in a bit of disbelief and partly a bit overwhelmed at the magnitude of information.

 I sat there in silence, partly in a bit of disbelief and partly a bit overwhelmed at the magnitude of information

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