Chapter TwentyFive- The Kindness Is Killer

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Chapter TwentyFive- The Kindness Is Killer

June 25th: Waxing Crescent

    I had been silent the rest of the car ride and the boys were quick to notice. They tried to get me involved in their conversations but I simply could not find the words to say what was really on my mind. Haden I could see had realized something was desperately wrong with me and even had the heart to give me a sympathetic look. I could tell from his eyes, however, that something sad had lodged itself in his heart. How could I blame him though? It was literally my fault that our parents had died, how could he even bare to look at me? 

    Joseph and Blue Eyes had stopped at a quick shop and bought Haden and I some clothes. Haden left to change in a nearby restroom while I simply changed in the car. Blue Eyes and Joseph were at a same distance away so I wasn't too worried about them. Even Snow who'd seen me change now quite a bit (that bastard) was nice enough to exit the car when Haden left. 

    Okay so the clothes the boys had bought were both huge and too small. The shirt clung to my body that a catsuit while the jean shorts were on the brink of falling off my hips. They hadn't bothered with underwear or anything so all would be seen if the pants fell down. Then again I'm sure they'd already seen it all when they found Haden and I on the side of the road. Not that any of it really mattered, I was a killer. I didn't deserve any kind of sympathy or kindness from anyone. As far as I was concerned I belonged back with Lockheart.

    The one thing that really had been bothering me though was that I could even use my voice like that. I mean never once in my time at Riverwood had I been able to command someone to do something and as if they were in a trance they would just do it. Honestly it was a scary thought for me and I hoped that I would never find out how I'd come across the ability. 

    The boys all piled back into the car, Snow included and we continued on with the drive back to Riverwood. Inside I was thankful that soon I could lay in bed and sulk for awhile. It would be nice not to have to talk with anyone for awhile and I could be left to my thoughts. Maybe in that time Jade would arrive and take me away along with her and Simone. Heck I knew I deserved it and that thought was the only thing getting me through the car ride. 

    Haden was dropped off at his humble abode first, staring at me a moment before exiting the car. In the back windshield I could see him watching me as the car pulled away, his eyes laced with pain. Pain that I'd killed our parents or pain that he hadn't thrown me prefectly out of his life? Or both? 

    We pulled up to Simone's and the first thing we all noticed was that all the lights were off. 

    "I'm going to check if she's home and if not you can stay at my house, Amanda." Blue Eyes then hopped out of the car and trudged up to the front door. He rapped a few times on the door, standing there for a moment in waiting. When he realized Simone wasn't going to come to the door he walked back to the car and opened my door for me. 

    I didn't need an coxing - only wondering slightly where Simone could possibly be - as I exited the car and let Snow follow me. I wasn't sure but I thought I could feel his eyes following my every move. I must have been imagining though.

    Joseph revved out of the neighborhood and I silently followed Blue Eyes to his house. It was when we were heading down the basement stairs that I started to feel a bit off balance to say the least. Tears fogged up my eyes and it was growing harder and harder to see where I was walking. Eventually it all became too much and I stummbled, Blue Eyes grabbing me to keep me from falling all the way down the stairs.

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