Nine Tails

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Still Your POV
I woke up and looked at the jacket that covered me........I took it off and set it aside and went back to sleep.

~20 Minutes Later~

It was cold but I didn't care. I don't want anything to do with Sasuke. I felt warmth again. I looked around. Sasuke Naruto fell asleep. I went back to the house and grabbed blankets. There were only two blankets because Sakura hogged two!! I went back and covered them. I went back and covered myself in Sasuke's sweatshirt. *Sigh* I don't care anymore.....*Growl*.

My stomach growled of hunger 😢. I went back tot the house and made a nice bento for me 🙂. I went back because why not! It's beautiful there. I ate deliciously. "Hey, can I get some too?". "What" I looked up. "Sasuke you can go make your own food" I huffed. "But the house is so far" He complained. "It's only a 3 minute walk". "I'm tired" I scoffed. "Here" I handed him the whole thing, "I'm full". "Why are you giving me the whole thing" he asks. "You can take it or starve". "Jeez, fine" he took it and started eating. "Did you make this?". "Of course, who else". "It's........good" he whispers the last part. "What?" I asked. "Nothing". 

~Time Skip~

It's 7:03, we're walking towards the bridge. As we did we stopped by a shop, the shelves weren't fully stacked and there was mostly nothing. "You see since the bridge isn't built we don't have supplies for food" Tazuna says. It's sad. We start walking till Sakura made a fuss. "Hey! Don't touch my!..". "Can you give me some food" A small voice asked. It was a little boy, his clothes were rags and didn't have shoes. I walked over to him and gave him a beautiful cake. "Thank you" he smiles cheekily at me. 

Once we got to the bridge we found Zabuza and the guy? there. "I knew you were alive". Sasuke started shaking. "Awh he's shaking" Zabuza smirked. "Nope. Shaking with excitement" he sends a deadly grin. "Haku, you take the brats! I'm dealing with the copy ninja". Kakashi and Zabuza start fighting, it was never gonna end! The Haku guy comes running towards us throwing senbons. "Sakura watch the bridge builder, Y/n come with me" Sasuke ordered. "Kekkei Genki, Ice Mirrors!". Me and Sasuke were trapped in a cage? Full of mirrors. Haku started throwing the senbon needles. Me and Sasuke groan in pain. "Watertricity!" I combined my water and lighting chakra. The mirror got dented but deflected the justu back and shot at me. "Ahh!" My body electrified for a bit. 

Tears strained down my eyes.The needles were thrown once again. "There's no way out!" blood dripping from my mouth. "Fireball justu" flames ignite and heat intensifys. I breathed heavily, "S..Sasuke...I'mma..*breathes*..f..f.." Everything turned black. 

I felt someone shake me. "Y/n. Y/n!. Y/n! Please..wake up!! I can't lose you...please" I start to regain conscious and opened my eyes. "Sasuke" I looked at him, tears in his eyes. "I'm ok" I cracked a smile. "DONT YOU FEAR! NARUTO UZUMAKI IS HERE!" our attention averted to my brother. "YOU DUMMY!" Sakura smacked his head. I made an 'Oh' face. "Naruto you should of stayed hidden from your enemies, capture the right moment!" Kakashi yelled. "Naruto" I yelled. "Y/n! Don't worry I'll get you out". "Wait NARUTO!! DO...", "Hey Y/n I sneaked in here to save you" I turned around. "YOU IDIOT!" I smacked his face, this time Sasuke made an 'woah' face. "You could of stayed out and helped us push the mirror!" I groaned. 

Senbons attacked Naruto. "Ow, why'd you hit me!" He complained. "I'm supposed to!" Haku replied. "I'm not talking to you!". The needles just kept going and going, by the time a whole bunch targeted my brother. I ran and took the hit, a needle cutting my hand. "Y...Y" Naruto looks horrified. "Pshh, foolish person sacrificing your life for someone so reckless". "He's my brother, he's always reckless. Doesn't mean I don't love him" I stated. "Foolish" I heard needles coming this way, getting ready for another blow. I didn't feel anything...I turned around. "Sasuke...Why!?" I yelled. "I don't body moved on it's own" his body

This time I was crying. It was heartbreaking. I kept sobbing and sobbing feeling a pit of anger inside me. " could you! Why would you! How dare you!" My anger burst right out. Not remembering a thing, red chakra emits and flows everywhere. 

No One's POV

Y/n and Naruto lost control and grew two tails of the nine fox. "You made my sister cry!" Naruto shouted in a demonic voice. "You killed Sasuke!" I screamed. "You ruined everything!" We both shouted. The great force broke the mirrors, which shattered everywhere. The two went straight for an attack, Haku tries to throw the needles again but fails toot being blown away. Naruto threw Y/n over, making her strike into Haku with a punch. Marks upon his face were made. Y/n came to realization and looked at herself. Bits of blood dropped from her hand, she turned back and cried on Sasuke. Naruto looked in sorrow then looked back at Haku, he was frightened. Naruto also turned back, "I don't kill people". 

Your POV

"Please don't go!......I need you!". "You need me?" I hear a groggy voice. I looked up at Sasuke's face, "S....Sasuke!" I hugged him tightly. He wheezed, "Sorry!" I got up and looked away. "What happened to your hand" He grabs it. I blush a bit, "'s nothing" I took my hand back taking a look. A big cut, a bit of widened. My head starts pounding, "Let me out!". " head!" I clutched my head. "Let me out!". "Let me out!". "LET ME OUT!". I start getting confused, what's happening, who's in my head?, why does it should like mom?!!? 

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