I was woken up because of my freaking annoying alarm clock.

"Ugh, first day of school. Yippie!" I said sarcastically. I sat up, rubbed my eyes, went out of bed. I did some stretching and did all those girly routine I do everyday.

I walked out of the bathroom and changed into my grey 'never mind' cropped top, some high waisted shorts, and my white low-cut converse. You see, I may have girly outfits, but I never wear make up when I'm in school or anywhere else because I'm not fond of it.

I walked out of room, and headed to the kitchen, to get a got a granola bar. I checked the clock hanging on the kitchen wall and didn't realize it was already 6:50 A.M.

"Ah crap, I forgot to text Ciara!" I ran up to my room, grabbed my phone and immediately texted my psychotic best friend, Ciara Kingston.

H: Hey girrrll
H: Should I pick you up or-?

My phone beeped,

C: Heyyyyy chika! Mom is driving me to school today, ugh so annoying.

I laughed and replied back,

H: Hahaha don't worry. I'll bring you home later. Tell your mom!

A few seconds later, my phone beeped again.

C: Just please bring me to school everyday! I'm begging you Heather! All she does is talk about nonsense things. Help!

I rolled my eyes and checked the time.

7:05 A.M.

I went to my bathroom, brushed my teeth for about two minutes and walked out. I headed downstairs to the living room and grabbed my black handbag. I always check everything inside my bag in case if I forgot anything because sometimes, I leave my important school materials here at home.

I grabbed the car keys to my Jazz car in the kitchen counter and walked out of the house. I locked the house and ran as fast as I could to my car because it was freezing cold.

Once I arrived at school, I parked my car in my usual spot-corner of the parking lot just beside a tree. In my school, when it's the first day of school, and you see an empty space for your car, that's automatically yours for the end at the school year.

Weird. I know.

I went out of my car, locked the doors, and walked to the main door. Before I could reach the handle of the door, a young boy opens it for me and smiles. I said 'thank you' to him and walked in.

Do you ever get the feeling where you walk in and everyone stops and moves to the side for you to walk?


Well, they do that to me everyday, but I have no idea why.

On my way to my locker, I saw Ciara. We both see each other everyday at my locker to hangout before and after school, meeting up to go to lunch together, etc.

"Hey Ciara!"  I yelled her and she greeted me back with a nod.

Nice friend.

The first time I met her was in Starbucks, three years ago when she bumped into me.

~ Flashback ~

I was walking down to get a Starbucks drink.

"Hi! How may I help you?" The lady in the counter smiled.

"Hey, can I get one iced coffee and a slice of S'mores cake?"

"Sure! Is there anything to add?" I shooked my head, said my name, gave her the payment for my drink, and sat down.

"One iced coffee for Heather!" The guy making the drinks yelled. I stood up, got my drink, and headed back to my table.

I realized that they forgot my S'mores cake so I went back to the counter until I bumped someone and her hot cocoa spilled all over me.

"Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! I didn't see you there!" she screeched.

"It's okay! Really! I have to get this cleaned up though," pointing at my shirt.

"Let me help you," she grabbed my hand and went to the ladies room.

She brought out a bag of wet wipes and handed it to me. While I was cleaning my shirt, she asked me where I studied.

"Oh my goodness! Seroiusly?! I study there too!" she said excitedly. "Really? Well, I'm new here in Los Angeles. Is the school alright?"

"Yup! Totally safe!" We both walked out of the ladies room, and sat down together at the same table. It's been almost three hours that we've been talking.

Before we called it a day, she introduced herself.

"By the way, I'm Ciara Kingston," I smiled, "And I'm Heather Maddison," we both giggled.

~ End of Flashback ~

Since I studied here in Union High School, I became popular on the first day of school. It's weird how Ciara and I were well known for something we didn't know what we did, but even if people knew us, that didn't change our perspective on people.

"Did you hear that there are two hotties here? Oh mother of corns!" she sighed and closed her eyes. I rolled my eyes and opened my locker.

"You always do that when you see someone hot. And really? 'Oh mother of corns'? Where'd you get that line from?" I chuckled. She looked at me grinned, "um, from my brain?" She said witha duh tone.

I rolled my eyes, got my books out from my locker, and closed it. I looked at Ciara and was about to say something until a one of the guys, with his friends, cat called us.

"Hey babes, mind if we know what's happening? Follow up question, what's underneath your skirt?" I glared at the guy and looked back at Ciara. Ciara gave him a deadpan look until she smiled at him.

Oh no.

"Sure!" Ciara giggled. She opened her bag, dug through her stuff, brought her hand out of her bag and gave them the middle finger. The guys all laughed at the guy who cat called us. He mumbled a sorry and walked away. He probably got embarrassed, but he deserved it. I sighed and we walked away.

Ciara and I were headed to first class. I was walking backwards while she was walking in front of me.

"Oh yeah, we were talking about these so called  two 'hotties'?" note the sarcasm.

"Well, best friend, Zach Hartford, 6"1, brown hair, black leather jacket, and you can totally see his abs underneath that awful grey shirt. Yum!"

"Oh my Ciara. You are such a pervert!" I laughed.

"Well, you can see it! Anyways, next guy. 6'2, black hair, black leather jacket, white shirt. And trust me, they both look like models."

"Sure, I hope they do look like mode-"  I bumped into someone and all my books and papers fall to the floor. I landed on a hard, hard wall and I fell on top of him. I quickly got up wincing in pain.

I groaned and sat up. Ciara held out jer hand and I grabbed hers. We both started picking up my books from the floor.

"I am so sorry," the person whom I bumped into stood up and startes hekping Ciara and I.

"No it was my fau-," I looked up and stopped talking because he was WOW. Ciara whispered next to me, "that's Aiden Knight, your 'knight-in-a-black-leather-jacket'".

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