Storm [Nagisa Shiota] (REQUEST)

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It was tiring her to have to fake simile at her peers, because she had practised it many times. She had fooled those around her, they thought it was real when it was hidden with fear and sadness. Only one boy knew and that was Nagisa Shiota.


After six months in the classroom she was getting use to the awkward and weird classroom. The class had welcomed her as one of them, a family which she never received in the first place. She finally felt love, a place she felt like she belonged. Although she was happy with this her heart will still empty, longing for love.

[Y/N] had begun to take an interest in the quiet bot Nagisa Shiota. He was always taking notes and helping his peers. Somewhat silent and invisible at the same time. Although he was abused by his mother, he never failed to make a smile on other's faces.

She begun to feeling something, at first she thought it was anger but she realised she enjoyed his company. She realised they both had similar personalities.

Her heart would thump in her chest whenever she was around him, she enjoyed his presence. Little but little Nagisa was slowly filling in the cracks. As time went on, she felt new familiar feelings.


"Does anybody have anything personal to say?"

It was the time of the year where everything was now serious. Only a few more weeks till Koro-sensei's death and nobody wanted him to leave. Koro-sensei decided to open up a public conversation.

"I-I want to say something," she raised her hand up stuttering. [Y/N] rarely spoke in class discussions.

"Thank you for an amazing year and helping me! I've enjoyed the times we've spent, although I may have acted like a robot, I'm sorry." The female begun to explain her past, her situation. The class listened, not laughing at you.

Finishing her story, she looked around the circle. The group had tears in their eyes and were sniffling softly. Even the idiot Terasaka was crying and sobbing.

"Baka! Why didn't you tell us?" Kayano cried.

"W-We could have helped you!" Okuda squealed.

"I'm sorry."

The bell rung and soon it was time, Nagisa told her he wanted to meet her after school. The female agreed to, her cheeks flushed.


She met Nagisa behind the school, telling the others that she were going to meet them later.

"[Y-Y/N] you may not believe me but I care for you," those very words were enough to make her feel loved.

"I've always admired you, remember that friend who said ew to you? That was me a long time ago and I deeply regret it."


The male placed a finger over her lips to hush her, telling her to listen to him.

"I know you have problem with feeling love, I've seen you at the back of the classroom taking notes. I know you've been looking at me with those beautiful eyes. I'm not oblivious to these things."

"I just want to say if you need help, I'll be here waiting for you."

"Let us be friends, show me your world you're not alone. We can do this together." Nagisa put his hand out, not hesitating she reached out squeezing it, she felt happy. No she felt loved, the one she had been longing for a long time and trust.

"So let's go together!" The male walked off grabbing his bag and headed out with the class. 

She looked back smiling, 'I should walk into the future and not cry about the past. My future is important.'

"Wait for me!" she cried out, picking up her backpack she ran outside towards the group, they turned their heads around and smile.

She was going to walk into the future with them, this time with friends.

she used to want a

love that she felt 

she deserved, but 

she's grown since


now she waits for

a love that she

cannot deny.


Thank you for this request. I had trouble coming up with a plot line and I soon found an idea. It was very long and I had to cut some bits down. I hope this made sense and this chapter has not been edited  (I'm a bad author lmao)

- Kuurochii

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