Storm [Nagisa Shiota] (REQUEST)

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if forever 

does exist

please let it

be you...

Standing in front of the door, she took a deep breath. Calming herself down for the consequences that would happen if the scenario did not play out. She tucked strand of her behind her ear, adjusting the backpack on her back. She dusted her skirt checking if it was clean.

Knocking the door she heard a friendly voice, "Come in!"

She had moved school and was placed into the end class with no hesitation. She was going to go to the B class but she disliked attention. Requesting to go to the end class, personally she thought the system was very stupid and useless.

Taking one last deep breath, she pushed the wooden door. All eyes were looking at her, she felt small and insignificant, "Why..." she breathed out.

The class was very silent and Koro-sensei was shocked, perhaps it was an arrival of another student. Of course it was another one, the end glass were filled with many misfits who were sent here for a very stupid and lame reason.

"H-Hello, I'm [L/N] [F/N]. Thank you for having me, please take care of me." [Y/N bowed towards the audience, feeling relieved her introduction was done.


Nobody really understood her- nobody actually tried to understand her. She was misunderstood for as long as she could remember.

Her parents never really tried to help her, they found her pathetic. All she wanted was a home, to be loved by people. At a young age, her parents would abuse her laughing at her. They thought she was useless a coward.

Her parents were successful company owners and owned a large cooperation. They never had time for her, they let her do whatever she wanted. Simply not caring for her well being.

She had never felt love from her parents, she felt unloved. Alone by herself.

"Ewww... you're like a robot!"

"R-Robot?" the little female gasped.

"Emotionless, like you have no emotions."


The female felt her world slowly crumble, she was going insane. She was a very quiet student in class who liked to observe things from a far. She was polite and kind and after joining 3E, they accepted her as a family.

"[Y/N] your father and I are going to divorce, who do you want to stay with?"

"I-I can't choose..."

Shortly after her arrival her parents divorced and instead of them 'caring for her' they didn't acknowledge her existence. She felt her personality being stripped from her little by little. When she was small she received very little love from her parents.

Her good friend said she was like a robot and didn't want to play with her anymore. 

She was confused, what was love? What is even love? Little by little she begun to loose the simple emotions, starting with happiness. Her world full of colour was now a world of black and white, her thoughts were grey.

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