going our own temporary ways (Older! Eli X older! Skate)

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Eli's POV:

Ever since I was a kid, ever since I met her, I've loved her with all my heart. Skate. The girl I fell for after a shipwreck caused me to come to her home town. I am a pirate. I live to sail on the sea. But now, now it's hard. I want more than anything to be back in the sea sailing. But...I also wanna be with Skate. You see, Skate loves basketball. She wants it to be her career, not sailing on the sea. My heart is torn two ways... We've between together since we were 13. Now we are adults. I don't know what to do...

Skate's POV

I was playing basketball in one of the courts in town. All of a sudden, I felt two arms wrap around me. I look to see Eli and smile. "Hello love." Eli said, but he sounded...gloomy. I frown.

"Eli? Are you okay?" I asked, worried. "Aye, just been thinkin' is all." Eli responds. I turn and put my hand on his cheek. "Thinking about what?" I ask. Eli looks down. "I..I wanna start sailing again." He said. "What..?" I ask, my eyes widening slightly.

"I wanna go out to sea..But Skate...I want you to come with me." Eli said, putting his hand over mine. "Sailing? Eli...You know I want my career to be basketball." I said. "I know that, but-" I cut him off with a peck to his lips. "It's dangerous anyway. We should stay here together, where it's safe." I say. Eli sighs. "Alright...I'm goin' home." Eli says as he kisses my cheek and walks away. I sighed.

*time skip*

Skate's POV

I've noticed Eli seemed depressed ever since or talk. I walk into our room, seeing him laying on the bed. "Eliiiii..." I say in a whiney voice as I go over and hug him. "Cheer up, please. I know you miss sailing but don't I alone make you happy?" I ask. Eli looks at me in surprise. "Yes. Of course you do. But... I just thought I could have both the things that make me happy." He says.

I sigh. "And what about what makes me happy? You know I love basketball." I say. Eli sighed. "I know..." Eli said. "But I just...miss that life of adventure. I wanted you to experience it too."

I sit up. "Well I would rather not risk dying like your dad did." I say as I leave the room.

*another time skip, about a year*

Skate's POV

Eli has been gone for a year now. He decided to go back out to sea. I stayed behind. I miss him so much... I heard my phone ring and it was Eli calling me in video chat. I answered. We talk for a while before I start to cry. " Skate, are you crying? What's wrong?" Eli asked. 'What's wrong? I miss you! I want you home! Not out there with a chance of dying!' I thought. "Nothing..I'm fine." I respond.

Eli gave me a sad look. "Skate..." "The battery is gonna die. I gotta go." I say and hang up. I then start crying.

Eli's POV

Skate hung up the call. I sighed and began to cry as well. "God dammit." I mumble, hiding my face in my hands.

One of my crew members came up to me. "Ye should go back to her, Eli. It's obvious you miss each other. The sea will always be here, ye don't have to be sailin' to enjoy it." He told me. I thought about it, then jumped off onto the water. I started to swim.

I eventually made it home. I was soaked. I saw Skate playing basketball and smiled to myself. God I missed her. Skate saw me and stopped what she was doing. "Eli...?" She asked. I nod, and she ran over, taking me in a hug, not caring I was drenched in water.

We stayed that way for a while. I did feel much happier with Skate. I'm never leaving her again.

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