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The next day at school, I had science first period. As I was at my locker, all I could hear was people talking about the big game today after school. Our football team were playing against our rivals: Riverdale High. I wasn't too interested in it at all, as I'm not a huge football fan. I don't mind the European football, which was the only thing my brothers would watch back in England, but I just don't understand American football and frankly, I don't think I ever will.

When the bell rings, I quickly gather my stuff and say my goodbyes to Maya and Yasmin. They both have their language lesson while I have science, which is a bummer since it means I'm alone most of the time. I would say I had Caleb, but he's no really a friend, per say, more of an acquaintance.

Walking into my lesson, I see most people are already in there, and I quickly take my seat beside Caleb before I can be marked late. This school is extremely strict on punctuality.

As I sit down, I look at Caleb and whisper hey to him. He returns it with a gorgeous smile, and I find myself blushing for some odd reason. It's unfair how good looking someone can be. I seriously feel it's a health risk, especially when I'm sat so close to him, and he smells delicious.

The second bell finally rings, indicating the start of the lesson, and everyone who was previously chatting, took their designated seats

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The second bell finally rings, indicating the start of the lesson, and everyone who was previously chatting, took their designated seats. I get comfortable in my own chair and direct my attention towards the teacher. I'm very dedicated when it comes to my education; I don't like to mess around. Even if it is just the beginning of the class.

Suddenly, I feel a slight tap on my arm, and I glance to my left. Caleb sits there with a sweet smile on his face and leans his head close to mine— perhaps a bit too close for my liking.

"Do you have a pen?" He asks me this with an innocent smile on his face, and I roll my eyes, but I also have a fond grin on my face. This boy. He never has pen on him, silly boy.

Rummaging through my bad, I find a pen and hand it to him. Our fingers touch and I feel a shiver run down my spine. I see a small smile on his lips.

"Here, Caleb. Make sure you actually give it back this time, okay? I don't want I keep buying new pens because someone continues to lose them," I stare pointedly at him while I say this, my eyebrows raised. I must resemble a mother scolding her child, and the image causes my lips to twitch, putting a crack in my strict facade. Caleb decides to play along.

"Oh, well I'm so sorry, miss 'stop using my pens because I keep needing to buy more.' I never realised you were so stingy, or I wouldn't have asked you for one in the first place." You would think he was genuinely pissed off, until you saw his sly smirk. He just loved messing with me.

Not even bothering to reply, I rolled my eyes once again in a playful manner, and faced the board again. It was only them that I realised his big hand still lingered near mine, brushing across mine very so often. I moved my hand away, and suddenly my hand felt cold. I frowned, confused by these feelings. Deciding to forget it, I tuned in to the lesson once more.

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