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Abhi Mehra : World Reowned RockStar&The Best Music Producer Overseas Loves His And Little Sister Aila. Loves Music...Owner Of Love Life Music Company...Loves His Family And Best Buddy Purab. He's Family Reputation And Career Mean A Lot To Him.Misses His Fuggy Buddy Pragya

Alia Mehra : Humble, Loving And Kind Fashion Diva Loves Her Bhai And Family Very Much(Still At College) She's Abhi's Little Princess... Loves Arjun...

Pragya Arora : A Lecturer At St Stevens College&Owner Of Manuve The Biggest And Most Exclusive Magizine Company In India  She Elegant Loves Kids And She's Very Kind Hearted And A Strong Modern Woman Who Is Very Independent Very Beautiful... Misses Abhi

Bulbul Arora : Beautiful Chirpy Girl.Who Loves Her Family And Is Still In College...

Sarla Arora&Ram Arora : Parents Of Bulbul And Pragya...

Purab Khanna : Owns his Own Company And Manages Abhi's Company...

Mia : Pragya's Best Friend.She's Also Lecturer At St Stevens College.

Nia: She Pragya's Best Friend.She A Doctor

Ayesha,Riya,Karan,Virat,Maya: Bulbul's Friends
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