Chapter 14: Favor, Comfort and Cooking

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Short Preview:
[Y/N] was quickly notice by the Rens and tries to escape. However, Judar caught her but the water dijnn notice the girl's fear and pull her in the dungeon. Kouen and Koumei made a deal with Sino and Kuno just to get her out. They got out and...


[Y/N] was standing by a boat that belongs to the Prince of Kou as she looks back at the her two buddy. Sino and Kuno smile sadly at her which made the [H/C] hair girl run back and hug them. "Thank you so much... I will come visit.." (On top)


The two day was enough for Ren Kouen to conquer Astaroth, the Dijnn of fire. The rest of the Dijnn decided to stay and protect that island. The soldiers was celebrating when Sino and Kuno made a decision. The duo request to speak with the Princes while [Y/N] was being tease by Judar 24/7.

"Greetings Princes but I have a favor for you." Kuno said in a seriously tone that catch the Princes attention. "What is it?" Koumei ask. Sino and Kuno look at each other and nod. "We would like you can take [Y/N] to the outside world." This made Kouen curious. "Why?"

Sino pled, "[Y/N] needs to leave this island to experience the place. [Y/N] is also helpful with any chores including cooking so please I beg you!" Kouen sigh and look at their pitiful form. "Fine." Koumei look surprise at Kouen's answer but just go with it. Sino and Kuno smile slightly and sigh in relief. Kouen then dismiss the duo.

Sino and Kuno decided to tell [Y/N] which made her happy to leave but sad to abandon the place but she understand their decision, little did they know, Judar was eardropping. Koumei came out from the house to tell the soldiers that they will be leaving the next morning. [Y/N] is smiling at everyone however the rukhs that was from her were dim and this did not go unnoticed by the Black Magi.

When everyone decided to sleep, Judar pull [Y/N] underneath and tries to comfort her by patting her back but to no avil so he use his gravity magic and bridal carry her to the top of the tree. This shock [Y/N] but the kind act and scenery makes her smile again and little did Judar know, the smile shakes her heart a bit. The good thing was his rukhs did not change color and her rukhs was getting brighter.

[Y/N] yawn as it was late at night and lean onto Judar, making him blush and turn hid face away so she wouldn't see. His rukhs starts turning pink but [Y/N] has already fallen asleep on Judar but not before whispering, "Thank you Judar.." He falls asleep soon after her.


[Y/N] walks up the plank towards the ship that the Royals take and soon enough, the ship takes off. She whisper in the wind, "If destiny allows us to meet again, I will be the one seeing you off." And the wind picks up with me waving at Sino and Kuno who turns back into cats and disappears in the forest.


My heart was breaking when they disappear but I kept thinking that I need to do this. The servant that works on the ship shows me my room which I thank her for. Suddenly my vision was covered by darkness and I heard a voice, "Guess who is it, Peach." I sigh and smile, "Judar what is it?" He release his hands and pout, "You're no fun. Kouen is asking for your in his office."

This made me panick, so I quickly thank Judar and rush to the room Kouen is in and knock on the door, "State your name and reason." "[Y/N] and I heard from Judar you wanted to speak to me Prince Kouen." I heard him put away a scroll before saying "Come in." I went in and was extreme nervous at what he was going to tell me.

"[Y/N], how well are to at cooking and doing chores?" This peak my interest, "About average?" I question myself. He did not look impress at my answer, "Alright then, you will take over the cooking for today lunch and dinner, that's all." I look at him shocked but just go with the flow and bow. I went out to find the kitchen but luckily ran into Koumei

"Koum-" I pause. He is a prince what am I doing! "Koum?" He ask which I gave an instant reply, "Prince Koumei! Where is the kitchen?" He look curious about my first words to him but gave me the direction. I bow to him and follow his direction. I went to the kitchen and cook lunch.

There was limited ingredients and the first thing I found has the most amount which is rice. I look again and found different types of fish and vegetables. And my final item, seaweeds. I had a plan in my mind but I can't do it with people watching as it will disturb my concentration so I push all of the cooks out of the kitchen and spoke, "I will use the kitchen and prepare lunch and dinner so please do not look in." I close the door.

I start to work on the item which is sushi. First, I slice the fishes and vegetables and put it in the fridge to make it colder. While waiting, I pick out big, long and silces seaweeds that can be use and put it near the ship window to let the sun shine on it to dry up. After that, I made sure the rice are sticky and if they are not, I add a little bit of salt and water to it. Then wait and I got bored so I bake some croissants.

I went to the seaweeds and it seems like it had already dried up so I took the fishes, vegetables, rice and seaweed to the kitchen counter and began my assembly. Beginning with Nigiri, I rolled the rice into a rectangle shape with round edges and put a sliced shrimp on it. I continue to put more like slice tuna, slice mackerel and salmon e.g.

It then hit me that I forgot the egg! So I hurried in cooking the egg and continue. Next was Maki and Uramaki, for Maki, I put one long slice of seaweed on the counter and put some rice and slice cucumber on it e.g. and for Uramaki, I do the same as Maki but no rice on the inside. For the famous roll,  I put tuna and avocado on it then roll it up. Next, I put rice around the roll and some salmon roe.

Lastly was Temaki, before I started a knock came, "Lady [Y/N], it's almost lunch time." I say something to acknowledge her before going back into the making of Temaki. I lay the big seaweed and put avocado and tuna sort for dome and continue adding items. With the finishing touch, I plate them.

(Imagine got all types ;-; can't find picture for it

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(Imagine got all types ;-; can't find picture for it.)

I smile at my creation and walk out with it...

See you soon, My dearest [Y/N]

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