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It helped a little, but not much. Clint hauled me onto my feet and put one of my arms over his shoulder. "What happened to him?" Clint asked as I struggled to regain my balance. "He ran into a train car, and knocked himself out." Clint looked at me with a slight grimace, "Let's get him to the tower and take care of his concussion." I felt Clint wrap an arm around my waist as I passed out again.

I woke up in a bed, I felt something in my nose, and in my arm. I felt a lot better than I had, I thought. Then I realized, I just got kidnapped by the Avengers... I sat up, I didn't feel my concussion, so it'd probably healed. The room was a soft gray and didn't have windows, only two doors. I looked at my arm and saw an IV stretched to it, and there was what appeared to be an oxygen tube in my nose. I removed the IV and started taking off the oxygen when someone walked in, "Hello Sean- you need that..." it was a tanner man with black hair. I finished taking it off, getting up. "I don't recommend using your speed, you don't have enough calories in your body right now." I looked at him warily, not sitting back on the bed. "My name's Bruce Banner, how's your head?" I lifted my hands, 'Fine,' I signed and looked at the door. I wanted to go home, go to work, somewhere. As long as it wasn't here. Bruce nodded his head, "Do you think you're well enough to talk with my team?" I looked at the door again and signed, 'I want to go home.' Bruce waited a moment, "If you walk with my team, we'll talk about you going home okay?" I nodded slowly, it should just be a talk or something right?

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