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The headache from a few days ago made it pretty obvious. Nat confirmed he was hiding something big, and I watched him do his chores around his apartment. He used his speed to do them. I invited Steve to go to the bookstore with me to invite the kid to join the team. Pietro was on standby, I tapped onto the coms and watched Steve from the fiction section, "Get ready, Steve's about to talk to him." There was a hum of acknowledgement on the other end, "Why do we need another speedster?" I rolled my eyes. "We need him so no bad guys can get ahold of him. He wouldn't be in the field anyway. So chill out, your job's safe." The kid looked confused as Cap said something, he typed something on the iPad and showed it to Steve. Who, in return, leaned closer and said something else. The kid was there one moment, gone the next, "Pietro, you're up." Steve said as he walked out of the store, I followed behind. We headed to the kid's apartment in case he tried to go there to grab anything


I hated the idea of getting this other speedster, why did we need him? I was the team's speedster. "Pietro, you're up." Clint told me, after the other speedster ran past me. I followed not far behind. This guy was faster than me, how? I felt a pit of anxiety in my stomach as I turned a corner he had. I chased him all over the city, he turned into a warehouse. I slowed back to a normal speed in the doorway as a loud crack echoed through he abandoned building. "Pietro, did you get him?" Clint asked over the coms, I approached the dented transport box that went on trains. The guy was crumbled in a heap a few feet from it. "Yes, I am bringing him in now."

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