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The man didn't come back for two days. When he finally did return, he brought another friend. A tall blonde. I was eating another subway sandwich when they entered. "Hey man, learned from last time huh?" I looked at him while chewing my sandwich. I stared at the blonde, he looked familiar. It took me a few moments to recognize him, that was Captain America. He looked a little sheepish when I'd recognized him. I felt a little anxiety creep into the pit of my stomach, did they know? I finished chewing the bit and folded my food back, the two kept staring. 'Can I help you?' I signed to the two. "Oh, right; my buddy Steve here wanted to talk to you." He clapped Steve on the back when saying his name. I gave a slow nod, tensing up. I would be ready to run if they decided to come after me. The man (who still hasn't given me his name) went off to his usual section, while Steve approached my desk. "Hey there, Clint didn't tell me your name, but I'm Steve." I took out iPad and opened the notes app, and started to type. 'My name is Sean.' I showed him the iPad, "Sean huh? That's an interesting name." Steve complimented. I typed my thanks, 'Thank you, did you need something?' I showed him the screen. He chuckled a little, "Straight to the point aren't you?" Steve leaned onto the counter, leaning on his elbows. "We know what you can do," he told me and watched for my reaction. I tried my best to look confused as I typed, 'And what exactly is it you think I can do?' I showed him the screen. "Your speed Sean, we know your enhanced. I need you to come with me."

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