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The man came the next day, and the next, and the next. He started coming everyday. He either bought one book or just skimmed through summaries. One day, he brought a red headed girl with him.

I was typing up a new story on my old laptop, this one was about a robin going against blue jays. The redhead stared at me for what felt like forever, my leg bounced faster on a bar on the stool. I glanced at her uneasily, 'Can I help you?' I signed to her, she shook her head and followed the man to the fiction section. I watched them uneasily for a moment before going back to my writing. I would probably end up scrapping it. I pinched the bridge of my nose as I got a headache. Cat chose that moment to walk in, "Hey Speedy, oh do you have another migraine?" She asked, her voice filling with concerns she walked behind the desk, "Let's get you something to eat, you usually feel better after you eat." She told me softly before running off into the storage room. The redhead and the other man walked away from the fiction shelf, approaching me. "Are you okay?" the man asked, looking concerned. Cat reappeared holding my lunch, which was a subway sandwich and a bottled water. "He gets bad migraines if he doesn't eat enough. He even fainted once, gave me a scare." She told them, letting me sip the water. The two gave each each other a knowing look while Cat gave me half of my sandwich. They didn't know, they couldn't. Right?

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