Part Two: Chapter Four (New Family)

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Landing in France was something I never expected to do.

But I was here.

I led Kinsey through the airport, then began to claim our luggage. I grabbed a cart to carry it, and then found the group of MC members waiting for me.

I walked up to the group, and the President looked relieved.

"Kelsea, it's a relief to see you safe. What happened?" He pointed on his face as to point at mine.

"I did it to conceal myself. Please don't ask." He nodded, then had one of the men take my stuff.

"Let me make a call to T-Bone, and We'll get you to the manor." Michael was obviously American, but the others around me were most likely not.

There was a man, about the same age as me, waiting by the Escalade, a prospect patch on his cut. His name was on there, Alucard, but he made no eye contact with me. He had Spanish roots, that much was obvious, but he held softer toned skin and soft gray eyes.

"Alright," Michael came back, "Kelsea, this is Alucard. He's our newest addition. As per our rules, He's still above you, but... We're trying to vote to let you have some pull. If you have any special talents, now is the time to let us know on the ride back." The door was opened for me, and I climbed in with my daughter in tow.

"Well, I'm pretty damn good with a rifle..." I said honestly. "I was the co-tactician of the table, and I was the fastest in Track at school."

"What's your aim like?"

"About a nickle size shot from 1000 meters... five rounds, four and a half targets." He hummed. Alucard said something in French, but I didn't understand him.

"Alucard says if you can beat him at the range, he'll be impressed... and you'll have his vote."

"Prospects are allowed to hold a vote here?" I was really puzzled by that.

"To a certain extent. Big decisions like this, yes." I slid down in my seat. "Looks like you'll be tested. Hope you're ready." I didn't feel ready for anything.  All I was ready for was some sleep.

"I haven't slept in two days. If anything, I want to sleep."

"It doesn't have to be now. Get your face patched up, get some sleep, and We'll go from there." The roar of engines started behind me, and we began to move.

Kinsey had been fast asleep through the drive. The house was a couple hours from the airport, nicely secluded in the French countryside.

I caught a nap, but I was still tired. When we pulled up to the huge manor, I was pretty speechless. The guys pulled up outside of the garage, parking in line.

I picked up Kinsey, while the guys took my bags for me, while Michael took the time to show us around.

"The girls are most likely out back tending to the party. But, here's the kitchen. For now, you won't be asked to do anything. After a while, if the table votes no on you joining in, you'll be helping the ol' ladies out wherever you're needed."

I followed along, up two flights of stairs, where they led me to a room. It was a soft coral blue, with a velvet comforter, and fully furnished. "This will be your room. We'll get one made for Kinsey whenever you feel comfortable." I laid her down on the bed, ushering him out of the room to let her sleep. "Will you tell me now what you did to your face?"

"I did it to conceal myself, to alter my look... And I did it because it took some of the pain away for the time being." I admitted the end. "You'd think after all that we- I had been through, the man would never lay a hand on me..." I rubbed the back of my neck.

"We had heard our Texas charter had been on a hunt. Didn't realize it was you. I'm s-"

"That was five years ago. I really don't want to talk about it." I quickly shut him up about it. I had occasional nightmares, but they were so unpredictable, which is why I almost never let Kinsey sleep with me. I didn't want to hit her because of something I had no control over.

"Well, the party is still going, and our gun range is back here. Shall we?" He led me downstairs, and out to the back. A party was in full swing, and everyone stopped, looking at us when we walked through the door. Michael began to speak with perfect dialect, the members who were authentically French nodding at the words he was speaking.

But one woman stood out to me. She had red hair, some starting signs of wrinkles, and the same eyes I did.

She looked at me as well. Her eyes full of recognition...

It was my mother.

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