Chapter 17 - Eye of the Hurricane

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Red is Underfell Sans and Edge is Underfell Papyrus

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Lots of Horrordust in this one

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Dream POV

We sat in my light-gold bungalow, a bowl of Doritos and mugs of steaming hot chocolate on the table in front of us. I held in laughter. I had secretly called everyone here to help. They were gonna show up any minute. Hopefully that will help cheer up my brother. I took a sip from my sweet hot chocolate and I threw a Dorito at Blue, getting his attention. Nightmare was busy talking to Ink, so no one else noticed.

I whispered my plan to the small skeleton. His body shook with excitement, his star eyes lighting up with anticipation. He looked at me slyly.

"Should I spike the ketchup (and mustard)?" He whispered, grinning.

"You know you should."

"Heck yeah"

"Heck yeah"

Blue POV

The doorbell rang, and I rose to open it.
"HEYA! IT IS I, THE MAGNIFICENT SANS!" I greeted in my usual manner. Geno, Red, Death and Error stood on the doorstep. Geno smiled half-heartedly.
"Hey, Blue," Geno grumbled. Death grinned at him.
"When can I kiss you?" He said flirtatiously to Geno. Geno's face exploded in blush. He pushed past me, with an ocean of blue on his cheeks.
Death pouted. "But senpai!!" He called after him, and walked inside.
"Where's the mustard I was promised?" Red groaned, and I felt my face heat up.
"O-On the table in the kitchen, with the mustard..." I stuttered, blushing.


I was expecting Dream's annoying voice, but a softer one was heard instead. I looked up, and saw it was Blue. I felt my aggression melt away. Dammit, Red. Don't fall for him.
"Oh, hi Blue..... Didn't see you there..." I felt my face heat up.
You had ONE frikin job.
"Someone's in love~" Error's glitched voice sounded behind me. I elbowed him sharply in the ribs. Blue moved aside, allowing me to enter. I walked in, Error following.

Dust POV

"Are you sure you're strong enough to go?" I asked for the third time. Horror rolled his eyes.
"Dust, I swear I'll die sooner of all the stupid questions,"
I chuckled.
"Sorry. Just don't want you to get hurt again."
"You.... Blame yourself," Horror looked at me, concerned. "It wasn't you who attacked me, Dust. It wasn't your fault, and you know it."
I smiled weakly. "Thanks, sweetheart." I kissed him on the cheek, and he smiled.
"We should get going."

~Time skip, brought to you by Red's *amazing* flirting skills~

I walked into the Cream house, smiling at the childish, light-coloured decorations contrasting with the large knife hung on the wall. Nightmare was still in the other room talking with Ink, so this was still a suprise. Science, Outer, Swapfell, Cross, Lust and Fresh arrived and Dream decided it was time to suprise Nightmare. I turned off the lights, and grabbed Horror, before running behind a closet. Nightmare walked in, followed by Ink. I saw Horror sneak up behind them stealthily. Nightmare stopped dead, raised an eyebrow, then slammed the light switch. Everyone was revealed.
Except me and Horror, who had run back behind the cabinet with me.
"Suprise....?" Dream said hopefully. Nightmare laughed slightly.
"Really? You called EVERYONE here?"
"Well, I only called Red, who called Science, who called Outer, who called-"
"I get it, Dream." Nightmare chuckled.
Horror nodded at me, a mischievous glint in his eye. I nodded, filled with determination. I grabbed some ketchup out of the cupboard we were behind and spread it on myself, making it look like blood. Horror didn't need to, as his normal clothes were already bloodstained. I pulled my hood over my face, Horror doing the same. We sneaked up behind Nightmare and Ink, squirting more 'blood' on the floor for added effect. I shuffled towards Nightmare. I dragged my hand across his shoulder, and he spun around, tentacles readied to attack, a horrified look plastered on his face. I tried not to laugh as I pretended to collapse, the german words 'überraschung für sir, ich denke'. I heard Horror's french 'quoi de neuf, mon frère'. Nightmare laughed."Really?"
"Suprise for you I guess." I translated my previous words, picking myself up off the floor again.
"Sup, bro." Horror grinned.
"Glad to see you're feeling better. Does it still hurt?"
"Eh, it's fine." Horror shrugged.
"Are you two together yet?" Nightmare smiled slyly. I blushed.
"Yeah, we are." Horror countered icily. I felt his arm around me, and I smiled at the touch.
"Good. It's about time!" Nightmare mused, making me blush even more.

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