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A week after,

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Dianablue i hate to say goodbye to the person I love but I want u to know that no matter how far the distance is between us, im still here for u. I love you Daniel James Seavey. ❤

(ps; we're not together)

Imzachherron u like him

Corbynbesson he like you

Seaveydaniel lets just get together


User567 zach tryna link it

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Diana's pov

Now im back in New York and I started to miss Daniel. I really do miss him so much. I scroll down my gallery, looking through some pictures in LA. I watch some clips that I recorded and laugh. I swear Daniel's smile is contagious. I recorded a video of Daniel playing his guitar, singing YOUTH by Troye Sivan but by his own version. My face turns red. He sang so well. He's just a definition of perfect.


I quickly put my phone away and turn. Oh its mum.

'is that Daniel Seavey who used to be in American Idol and got into the top 9 or something I cant remember but what I know he didn't won?' She said in detail. Yes me and my mom really support Daniel since he first join the audition in American Idol. I nod and continue, 'But now, he's in the band called Why Don't We and im super proud of him'

'so that video? Was it taken by you ?' she smirk.

'mummmmm ok...yes'

'you know what?' both of my brows goes up,waiting for her to continue what she wants to say.

'you both will be a perfect couple' she giggle and run away from me, scared if i ever pinch her arms again.

'MUMMMMMM' i blush so badly. Mum loves to make fun of me but I guess I'll accept that as a compliment cause SHE SUPPORTS ME WITH DANIEL.

Daniel's pov

'guys thank you for everything I was shook' I thank them right after we step into our house.

'bro u deserves it and u deserves her' Zach said , patting on my shoulders.

'when are you guys gonna be official??' Jonah ask curiously.

'uhm.. I..i gotta take bath' I purposely smell both of my armpits and make that impression(you know that face u made when u smell something smelly) 'YUCKS gosh I gotta go' I run up the stairs quickly. Phew.. Actually, im avoiding that question though.


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