(Larry) Sick Stomach; Part 1 - Harry

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"Set during the X-Factor days, one-direction has just been put together as a band, the boys are spending time bonding together when Harry gets sick, and Louis comforts him through it"


It was all new, all exciting; an adventure to all five of them - similar to that of a rollercoaster ride. Auditioning for their individual places, fast forwarding to being put together in a group, five strangers coming together as one. It was certainly an experience full of up's and down's.

However, being strangers didn't stall anything, rather making things better instead. Five pubescent boys, coming together as one; each having no idea just how far they would be going, both together and apart. Each in possession of a talent, unique and great, destined to take them all the way.


Being strangers, naturally calling for bonding and getting to know each other, had led to the group coming together as a whole; opting to spend some quality time with one another at a bungalow. It was here that the greatest of connections were made and the five known as: Harry Styles; Zayn Malik; Liam Payne; Niall Horan; and Louis Tomlinson, came together.

Maybe it had been Louis, ever the cheeky one, sneaking in alcohol, or the way everyone seemed to just mesh together, so casually- singing and laughing in the sun, enjoying an impromptu jam session around the fire. Staying up late to share secrets and talk of dreams each were driving towards. - whatever it was, one week had been all it took for things to shift so drastically.

It had been during that week that the bromance that would later be termed 'Larry' had been born.


Being the youngest of the group, Harry had been unsure when a few days in he had begun to feel mildly sick and somewhat dizzy. He knew he had a weak immune system, making him prone to sickness, but that didn't make him any more willing to tell someone of his discomfort; especially not when he was trying his hardest to make good impressions.

Doing his damndest to ignore what was going on with him, it hadn't been until the middle of the night he had finally been forced to tell someone of his impending illness. Having woken to the unpleasant grumbling of his stomach, he knew then that he could no longer hide it. He felt like he was going to be sick, and being sandwiched in the middle of the boys left him no other option but to wake one of them.

Deciding on Louis over Zayn, Harry gently nudged the older boy; trying not to whimper at the nausea ripping through him.

"Wha!?" Louis snapped, not at all appreciated of the elbow he had received to the ribs. "Sle'pin' g'way!"

"Louis!" Harry urgently whispered.

Hearing Harry's clearly distressed voice had Louis up and reacting quickly. "Love, what's wrong?"

Holding back a gag, Harry spoke slowly, "don' feel 'ood."

Letting out a subtle curse, Louis moved quickly, wanting to avoid the possibility of a mess. "Bathroom?" He asked, the younger boy nodding as a hand was promptly slapped over his mouth, Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he swallowed convulsively.

Knees smashing into hard ground, the white porcelain toilet before him had never seemed more like a gift. Tears springing to his eyes, head hung over the toilet, he really did not feel grand, at all.

Concern filling him for the younger lad, Louis crouched behind him, rubbing his back in an attempt to offer comfort. "Oh love," he cooed, "you'll feel better if you just let it out."

Wrapping one hand about Louis sick stomach, he used the other to continue rubbing circles on his back; cringing as he felt and heard Harry begin to heave - concern only growing stronger the longer he seemed to be without sufficient breath.

Vomiting session coming to end had Harry crashing back against the older boy, body completely and utterly spent.

"Okay?" Louis asked.

Curling up in his lap, Harry found an odd comfort in the hand finding a home in his sweaty curls; ignoring all other senses in order to just stay as he was.

Not wanting to disturb the ill boy, Louis decided to stay on the bathroom floor, fingers carding through chocolate curls as the room filled up with soft breathing mixed with the occasional snore.

Finally happy with this, for now anyway. ❤️❤️❤️

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