Will & Nico - Chapter 4

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I woke up like I always do, smiling, happy, sun in my eyes–
Wait. I get up just after sunrise.
So if the sun is high enough to come in through the window...
Then it's later than usual.

I jumped out of bed and got dressed as quickly as I could. I straightened my crown as I raced out my door and down the staircase, praying I wasn't late for breakfast.

As I neared the dining hall, I heard loud voices. I slowed down and pressed against the wall, trying to get as close to the open wall as possible without being seen.

"–Not right! It's not right and he should know that!" King Hades was saying, almost yelling at my father.

"Calm down. Why don't you just accept him as he is? It's not something you choose. I accepted Will because it doesn't matter so much that he has an heir as it does that he's happy."

King Hades turned on my father.
"Don't get me started on your boy! You have the audacity to tell me I'm raising my boy wrong when you can't even teach yours how to love?"

My fathers smile became more forced and fainter, but it stayed where it was.
"My good friend. I never taught Will anything in that area. Because I myself am bi and wanted him to find his own way. When he came to me for girl advice, I directed him to his advisors. When he came out to me, then, and only then, did I become involved in his love life. And not so much that I choose what type of people he can date, but enough to help him when he needs it. I don't think I've raised my boy wrong, because he learned how to stand in his feet without help and that is what makes a good king. If you keep limiting your boy and beating him down, you will have a meek king, one who will have an unhappy life and then there's a chance he'll take it out on the people. So, I tell you again. Accept Nico for who he is."

Hades stood there in stunned silence and I saw his face clear a bit.
"I...I'll try."

My fathers face hardened.
"Good. You'll let him choose on his own by the end of the week who his king will be. Now, lets go get ready for the festival later."

I unfroze out of my shock and ran down a hallway away from the kings as they went up the staircase.

And now I knew one more thing about Nico.

He was either bi or gay. And that was very good news to me.

Nico POV
I sat on a branch, one leg dangling below me as I laid down on it, watching the sky. I loved climbing trees, it was always so peaceful up here. I could see why birds lived up here. It felt safe and secluded, but at the same time connected with the world.

I reached up and broke off a small twig, then examined it. The color of the bark, the shape of the leaves. I sighed and dropped my arm below the branch, letting the twig fall to the ground.

I closed my eyes and remembered the argument my father had gotten into with me this morning, before King Apollo came in.

I woke up and went downstairs after getting dressed. I entered the dining hall and found my father sitting there already.
"Son. May I talk to you?"he had said.
I nodded, mostly because I had no other choice, and sat next to him.
"About our little...disagreement yesterday..."
I sat up a little straighter, thinking he was apologizing.
"I hope you've gotten this silly nonsense about wanting a king out of your head."
I sat back in my seat.
"Father, I haven't gotten this "silly nonsense" out of my head, and I never will. How many time do I have to tell you I'm gay?" I said, "I want to choose my own lover and I don't care what you think. You can't force love."
"But I can help you love right. So listen to me, Nico." He said, his tone slightly angry.
"No! You listen to me!" I said, getting up out of my seat.
I felt a hand on my shoulder and I took a deep breath, ten turned to see King Apollo.
"Calm down. How about you let me speak with him? " he said, taking his hand off my shoulder.
I knew that wasn't a request, it was him asking me to leave, so I shrugged and walked out of the room, hearing my father shouting a few moments later.
I walked to the stable and got on Angel, then rode her out here.
~memory over~
I heard somebody on a horse pass below me. I opened my eyes and looked below me. I saw Will on his horse, Lyra, looking around like he was looking for something.

Was he looking for me?
No. Nobody cares that much for me except Bianca, before she died at least, and my stepmother.

But here he was.

I was hidden in the branches of the tree, as the leaves hadn't fallen off yet, so I started climbing down. I dropped to the ground from one of the lowest branches.

"Hey." I said.

Will jumped and tried to turn around on his horse, then actually turned his horse.

"Nico? Where did you come from?" He asked.

I pointed up at the tree.

"I was in the tree."

"Why were you out here?" He asked, getting off his horse.

I felt my face go red as I said, "Just wanted to be outside."

Which wasn't the reason at all.

"Um...I heard you father arguing with mine about something. Didn't stay to hear what it was about." He said.

I tensed up, then let out a sigh.

"I didn't come out here because I wanted to be outside. I was in the dining hall with my father and we were arguing about...something...when your father came in and took it over." I said, my gaze dropping to the ground.

"And what were you guys arguing about?" He asked me, tentatively.

I took a deep breath. Will had already said he was gay, what was there to be afraid of?

"That I don't want a queen. All he cares about is the stupid royal bloodline and that I have an heir. He doesn't care about what I want." I said, feeling my face go slightly warm, "Now let's get back to the castle, we don't want to hold up our parents."

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